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posted by Mariannebier
Eyes of Artemis
chapter 1
Artemis POV:
It was her first دن at her new school, and she wasn’t quite .. comfortable. No. she was frightened of the fact she didn’t belong here. She fought with the Joker, Poison Ivy, but still she had a feeling in her stomach that wouldn’t stop. She looked around again, waiting for her guide to come. She saw the people starring, looking at her, as she imagined their thoughts:[i]”who is she? what’s that doing here?[i] But she needed to stay tuff. She needed to, her musing was roughly interrupted. It all happened in a few seconds, she heard a click, and saw a flash for her eyes. A photograph, she thought. “one دن we will laugh about this” and then she saw him. Only his face, he had black hair, and a little mysterious smile. but the clearest thing of him where his eyes. They where light blue, and they looked like the sky on a nice day. But before she could say something back, he was already gone. She looked around, searching for him. She couldn’t find him. He was gone. She heard a laugh, it echoed in her head. It sounded familiar.”Hello, I’m Rachel, Rachel Harringston. آپ must be Artemis Crock. Right? Artemis turned her head and she saw a red haired girl, probably around the 18. “ow, Hello and I’m Artemis.” “Well , again, hello, and welkom to Gotham Academy!Here, آپ need to fill this in”Rachel handed her a paper. There where all of this stupid سوالات on it. She sighted. “Great” she mumbled.
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posted by robins-gfriend
I decided to give her a مزید of an x-men touch enjoy:

Eclipse ?????? (last name unknow to even her)

(weapon name)Weapon x-235
(assasin name)Alice
(x-men name)She بھیڑیا
(Young Justice name)Eclipse

Silent Magic(no word spells needed unless using dark magic)
Nails can sharpen and extend 5cm
Can turn into pure adamantium
Superhuman strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, and senses
Expert martial artist, pro sword fighter, assassin and demolitions
Angel wings
pro qymnast and ninga

Other Notes:
Hooked on her past
Is being hunted down
Dosn't trust people easily
Socialy Awkward
Is Dyslexic
Has Discalcuar...
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Though not at all like Batman he allowed the team to have a little break from their crime fighting, so to get them away from the cave he sent them out on a camping trip. Superboy being a clone and everytihng not understanding how this so called word " camping" is suppost to go, Robin and Aqualad had just finished setting up the two tents, and Superboy looked at it in confusion, " what is that?" he asked pointing to it, " ummmm a tent" Robin replied as a giggle came into his words. " Whats a tent?", " something آپ sleep in for camping" Wally replied over at the campfire while stuffing a marshmellow...
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