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If آپ have these symptoms آپ may have Fangirlitis
[In no particular order]
a)You cant go a دن without seeing a YJ episode
b)You find yourself daydreaming about YJ
c)You get mad when آپ see your پسندیدہ character with another girl/boy
d)You laugh at a YJ joke even when it's not funny
f)You have been called "obsessed" with the دکھائیں مزید than once
g)You giggle like a fangirl on crack when آپ see a slash couple
h)You screamed "ARTEMIS!" at the same time Wally did when she died in Failsafe
i)You cried when Robin and Wally died in Failsafe
j)You are constantly doodling pictures about YJ
k)You say "Hello Megan!" even if your names not Megan
l)You are always questing the English language
m)You have tried to fly, control water, read minds, etc.
n)You have tried to take up archery
o)You tried to مککا, عجیب الخلقت a hole in solid concrete like Robin did [Downtime]
p)You get angry at the word "Sidekicks"
q)You tried to get your دوستوں to watch YJ
r)You try to make every conversation about YJ
s)You say "Whelmed" "Traught" and "Aster" a lot
t)You constantly ask yourself "What would (YJpersonhere) do?"
u)Every night آپ force yourself to dream about YJ
v)You constantly wish YJ was real
w)You are always making quotes from the show
x)You have been labeled "Fangirl"
y)You realized most of this فہرست is true about you
z)You want me to make another فہرست just because its about Young Justice
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I thought this song was perfect for Robin and decided to dedicate it to him. I OWN NOTHING and the song belongs to skillet and the video clips belong to the creaters and networks. Enjoy :)
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Not mine! This مضمون is Property of Bat-dove on

Wally's not the most مقبول guy. Not in school, not on the team, not as a hero, not anywhere. So what happens when he is suddenly swarmed سے طرف کی people?

'Ah face book,' Wally thought to himself, 'One of the most ridiculous yet useful things on the internet. It helped remind people of events that they were bound to forget, make دوستوں they may never meet, and start fights that might have never existed.'

He himself rarely used it. He had one, but it seemed like a waste of time. But if he had been on face book, he would've known not...
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Chapter One-

Aqualad thought it would be better if the Team تقسیم, الگ کریں in half for the flight over. So Holly, Revenge, Artemis and Wally were on one plane while Robin, Megan, Connor, and Kaldur were on the other.

Holly had listened to every song on her iPod and watched every video she had downloaded. She was bored and there was three hours left in the flight. 

Artemis was asleep and Wally was drawing a moustache on her face. ہولی couldn't wait until Artemis woke up.

Holly glanced over at Sam, which she had recently discovered was Red Revenge's secret ID. He had his sunglasses on and his hat low on...
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Part 2-

Revenge looked at the dagger impaled in the metal board centimeters from his neck.

The girl stepped back shakily.

"Kill him آپ insolent fool! Kill them!"

The girl took a shaky breath and picked up another dagger, she stepped back towards the hero again. She felt his eyes on her again. She raised the dagger slowly once more. Revenge looked at the girl and saw something he hadn't expected. 

Fear. The girl was terrified. She was terrified of what she had gotten herself into and couldn't back out.

"I got ya." Revenge whispered. 

The girl looked at him shakily. The dagger...
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“Who are you?” I demanded, lifting Kalder’s un-moving body in my arms.
“My name is Tula. I’m a friend of Kalder” she said. I grinded my teeth at the pressure of my broken arm.
“Do آپ need any help with him?” Tula asked as I carried him to the infirmary.
“My masters once told me to embrace pain, for it makes a stronger warrior” I کہا as I laid Kalder down on the bed. I clicked my comm. unit.
“Guys, get to the infirmary right now. It’s Kalder” I کہا quickly. A منٹ later, the team was standing with Kalder. I felt Wally’s hand rest on my shoulder. Even though he was...
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Artemis POV

I sat in the sand looking around me, Robin was sitting پار, صلیب legged in the sand on his computer, Wally was teaching Aqualad how to surf although Aqualad never asked, Superboy and Megan was playing volley ball together but Red Arrow was missing. I sighed as I moved to the side and reached into my bag, I took out my mp3 player and started to play the first song, "how do آپ sleep". I closed my eyes and started to sing to the song, convinced that everyone was too busy to notice. I started singing louder when suddenly I felt some one was staring at me. I opened one eye and saw Red Arrow...
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lolz waltemis XD
I don't support slashing, but I liked the video. :D