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posted by Robin_Love
As they headed back to the mountain, Wally saw Billy from the corner of his eye. He stopped and told the others to go on without him; he'd catch up. Right now, he wanted to have a talk with his clone. He went over to where Billy was shooting a باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال into the hoop. Wally sped into the practice, stealing the ball. Billy's eyes landed on him and he smiled.
“Wally! What are آپ doing here?”
“Nothing. What are آپ doing in Happy Harbor? I thought your team was located in Keystone city.”
“We are. But I was doing some shopping here so I thought I'd stop and practice a little. آپ wanna join? یا is there something آپ want?”
“What I want is for آپ to stop coming around Willow.”
“Well that's a good joke, Wally.”
“It's no joke, Billy. I'm dead serious.”
“So آپ really don't want me around Willow?”
“Not even for a millisecond.”
“Why? I'm not hurting her.”
“Not yet.”
Billy looked at Wally, tilting his head. He smiled.
“I had no idea آپ and Willow got back together.”
“Well-we aren't.”
“Oh? Then who are آپ to control who Willow talks to?”
Control. The same word Robin had used. Was this some kind of joke?!
“Look, I'm not controlling Willow.”
“Then you're jealous!”
“I am not jealous!”
“Whatever آپ say Wally.”
“I'm protecting her!”
“From me? Man, آپ are messed up.”
“What's that supposed to mean?!” Wally exclaimed.
“You think I'd hurt Willow? All I've ever done is comfort her. آپ may want to protect her from someone who's already dumped her twice because he thinks he loves her and still flirts. In other words, protect her from yourself.”
Billy sped over, stealing his ball back. His tossed it towards the net, smiling when it swished it.
“See here's the thing about آپ Wally. آپ have this natural need to flirt. But آپ also think آپ love Willow. So both sides of your brain are confused, causing آپ to go to animal instincts. Doing that, آپ end up flirting anyway. If آپ really loved Willow, you'd flirt with only her. Like I do!”
“Look Billy! I don't need a lecture from you! I just want آپ to stay away from Willow!”
“That's going to be hard to do, Walls.”
“And why's that?” Wally sneered.
“Well didn't آپ know? Willow and I are getting married.”
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posted by emilypenguin55
If آپ know me, the author, آپ will know that I have a strong disliking towards him, now if آپ don’t know me, آپ are most likely wondering why I hate him. Well it is simply because HE IS A TROLL! (Please see تصویر A down at the bottom) Please continue reading if آپ wish to understand his trollness and my hatred towards that troll.
    I will start off سے طرف کی telling آپ about his physical appearance. A vague تفصیل of him would go like this: red hair, freckles, green eyes, medium teenage height, kind of on the husky side, and peachy skin tone. If آپ are thinking that...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca stood اگلے to Willow. She put a hand on her shoulder, making the other girl look at her.
“If آپ want, Willow, I could always add this to Wally's antidote.”
Becca held up a گلابی colored vial of liquid.
“What is it?”
“...Let's just say I got this from Ivy. Her plants are worth studying.”
“No way Becca! If he doesn't love me anymore, I'll live. But I want to know the truth.”
Becca groaned and put the vial away.
“I never get to use it,” she muttered as she poured a white liquid down Wally's throat.
She moved away when the speedster coughed and his eyes opened.
“Wally! You're...
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Ok guys, I know that we have had some pretty dramatic things happen in the past few hours... but STOP IT!! آپ guys are being so melodramatic!! This is just a website, i know. But آپ guys have really grown on me and I hate to see it just all fall apart!!

To all آپ people who are saying آپ are stopping مضامین یا killing off characters, please!! DON"T do it!!

I was always told when I was younger (like 3 and 4 years old), that words are the most powerful thing in the world, and believe me they are. I have written 14 books, all at least 100 pages long... Characters really do grow on you.....
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posted by robins-gfriend
 Until اگلے Time
Until Next Time
A single beam of light shone on a silver chair in the middle of a dark space.

In the background the sound of foots steps moved to the chair.

A young girl in a black چادر, فرغل with an oversized ڈاکو, ہڈ sat down.

“Hello, It’s only Eclipse here don’t worry I will make this a sort goodbye but I have met آپ here in a space between dimensions to tell آپ some sad news, I have noticed the number of OC’s in مضامین so I have decided to”

She stopped for a moment

“I have decided to منسوخ The colours of Eclipse, I know some of آپ will be wondering why and have mix feelings but to me young justice...
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Chapter Three-

“Revenge!” Courage yelled.

Huntress held the girl back from rushing into the building.

“Let me go!” Courage yelled.

“He’s fine!” Huntress said, standing up and brushing herself off.

Revenge walked out of the آگ کے, آگ and Courage could tell he was extremely ticked off.

“That was $30,000 worth of computers.” he muttered. “$30,000.”

“What happened?” Huntress asked.

“Someone knew we were coming.” Revenge said, helping Courage up. “The bomb had a dagger painted on it.”

“So?” Huntress asked.

Courage rolled her eyes and pointed at Revenge’s chest. “Dagger,...
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posted by Robin_Love
Klarion walked into towards one of the cells. He could hear movement in the other “rooms” but ignored them. He turned down several corridors and halted in front of a single cell. Three inch doors of pure steel guarded the occupant. He touched the door, smoothing his fingers over.
“Cell 1398. Hmm. Just who I was looking for.”
Klarion moved to the lock, pressing in a number of sequences. The doors slid open with a hiss and Klarion walked into the room. His cat followed behind him, entering the dimly lit room with caution. The Witch boy walked up to a tank filled with purple liquid. A girl...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Stay With Me
Stay With Me
This is the final part. WARNING: Slash. Bird Flash. Don't like, don't read! Enjoy!

“He's back!”
“Wally. He's back!”
Raven muttered under her breath. She motioned for Dick to get behind her. He did as motioned and Raven's telekinetic powers acted up. They heard a surprised screech and then Wally came through the window.
“What are آپ doing here?” Raven asked.
“I came to see آپ Rachel.”
“How'd آپ know?”
“Uncle probably helped,” Dick muttered.
“Yes he did. Will آپ put me down?”
“Robin! Help!”
“...I'm not Robin. Name's NightWing. And I don't know...
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 Irritated I snaped at Wally
Irritated I snaped at Wally
We were at the Mission room,Batman started debreefing:You`ll be divided into teams of two
FireBlaster you`re with Superboy,you`re mission is taking down whatever stands in your way.

After Batman finnally fineshed talking we went to the bioship and Wally started complaining:Why did i get pared up with her?!.
Irritated I snaped at him:Wally shut up im not in the mood for your complains!
"Here`s your`s and Superboy`s stop."Said M`gann
We jumped and started activating forcefields.
I said:Nothing can get in یا out.
We keeped walking to find the bioship then Superboy asked me:Why are آپ in such a bad mood...
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posted by Candy77019
 "The first Robin, Dick Grayson"
"The first Robin, Dick Grayson"
I was wondering why I was awake this late at night, and sitting on the lounge's couch, staring at the black TV screen.
Maybe the seawater got to my head, I thought with a groan.
I lay down and closed my eyes tightly. I really hate it when it takes a long time for me to fall asleep.
My first Robin quit to become his own hero, repeated Batman's voice.
The first Robin.
I looked at the clock on the other side of the room. Surely, Batman would be in his other persona right now, right?
I got up and walked to the Mission Room with the big computer.
I tapped a keyboard button, and the screen lit up....
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