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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Dick walked to the fast food restaurant he was going to work in. He was dressed in black pants and a white button up shirt. He tugged on the collar, He looked at sign. Chile dog. It was written to look like icicles and had a picture of a dog that looked cold.
He sighed and walked in. Immediately the manager greeted him.
“Hello Dick welcome to chile dog. I have an employee here who’s going to دکھائیں آپ the ropes” He کہا pushing him behind the employee’s only door. He saw the back of someone’s blond head.
“Hey this is the new employee I told آپ about” The manager said. The girl turned around. Dick gasped when he saw who she was.
“Artemis?” He yelled. Artemis looked confused
“Hey aren’t آپ that kid who took a picture of me on my first day” she asked.
“Uh yeah” He کہا nervously. Great Artemis was at his school and at his work. He didn’t think he could keep his identity a secret for very long if she kept دکھانا up everywhere.
“We go to the same school. But that’s the only thing we have in common” He کہا quickly. She raised an eyebrow. Okay not being very traught here .
“Okay. Well I’ll just let Artemis دکھائیں آپ what to do” The manager کہا leaving. Artemis threw Dick a read and white stripped تہبند, برساتی and put a paper hat on his head.
“Uh what is this?” He asked
“Your uniform” She answered. Dick walked up to a mirror and put on the تہبند, برساتی and the little hat. He cringed at the sight.
“No way” He said
“You have to wear it, it’s the policy” She said.
“Well how come آپ get a real hat.” He complained looking at Artemis’s cap.
“Because I’m assistant manager” She answered. “Come I’ll teach آپ how to work the register” she was walking to the door when she realized that he wasn’t following her. She turned around.
“You mean I have to wear this in public?” Dick exclaim. Artemis rolled her eyes. And pushed him out the door. She taught him how to work the register.
“You input the order and then push this button and” She pushed the button and the register opened.
“You got it?” She asked
“I think so?” he answered. Then a musclely man walked into the restaurant.
“Take this mans order. Smile, be polite even if the customer isn’t and remember the customer is always right” She کہا quickly and then walked away.
“What?” Dick asked when the man came. Dick looked up at the very tall and ripped man. The guy had very threatening eyes and his hands were rolled up in fist.
“Uh can I take your order?” Dick asked stuttering.
“I don’t know can you?” The guy asked. Dick looked at him confused.
“What?” He said. He could see Artemis waving her arms behind the man. She kept mouthing a word it looked like my یا may.
“May? Oh um may I take your order” He کہا getting it. Artemis made a gesture telling him to smile. Dick smiled. The man crossed his arms.
“Mmm I’ll take a chili dog with fries”
“Would آپ like a drink with that?” He asked him
“Did I ask for a drink? No”
“Okay then that will be 5.99. Here’s your receipt and that’s your number right there” He کہا pointing to it.
“I know where it is” the guy snapped. He walked away and sat on a nearby chair. Artemis walked back to Dick.
“You did that on purpose didn’t you?” He asked مزید like a statement.
“Noooo" She کہا very long. " why would I have آپ deal with one of the most obnoxious customer?” She کہا clearly lying. She passed him the tray and backed away. Dick didn’t have time to think about that small movement because the guy was standing right in front of him.
“Oh here yours order” He کہا politely. The guy looked at the tray.
“Where’s my drink?”
“You didn’t order one”
“Yes I did”
“No آپ didn’t. Look at your receipt” Dick کہا reaching for the receipt but the guy crumpled it in his huge fist.
“Well that wasn’t whelmed” Dick muttered under his breath folding his arms
“The customer is always right” He کہا pointing to a sign behind him that said
“The customer is always right”
“And I ordered a drink”. He کہا getting close to his face. Dick sighed "fine" He کہا giving him a large cup. The guy left. Dick turned to Artemis.
“I had to admit I thought I was dead for a منٹ but I handled it” He کہا cool like. The guy tapped his shoulder.
“Excuse me I have another customer” He کہا turning around. A cup filled with soda was dumped on his head. He gasped when the ice went under his shirt. He took a step back only to slip on the soda and fall.
“Next time, get my order right” The guy کہا leaving. Dick shivered under the cold drink. He looked at Artemis.
“Did آپ know that was going to happen?”
“Think of it as an initiation” She said. “Here’s a mop, oh and your gonna need to pay for that drink”. This was not an asterous moment.
posted by Mclovin_69
Meagan sat سے طرف کی Artemis's بستر all night hoping she would wake up but never did, Meagan didnt want to leave her side she loved Artemis like one of her sisters, she loved everyone on the team she felt as though they were another family that she never wanted to be torn apart. Wally came in the infirmary in time to see Meagan begin to cry, " ارے beautiful have آپ been up all night in the infirmary?" he asked trying to put on his charm to make her feel better, " yeah.. i-i didnt want to leave her alone incase she woke up im even willing to stay her all دن and at night again." she کہا trying to...
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posted by Mclovin_69
All six members of the team "young justice" stood in a line infront of Batman as he explained the mission and what they were suppost to do" I need آپ in 3 different teams, team 1 Robin and Aqualad will go find a way to hack into the systems and stop the " Injustice leauge" from tracking آپ inside there layar. team 2 Kidflash and Artimes will sneak in and find the Joker and Poison Ivy and stop them once and for all and bring them to the hall of justice when done, team 3 Ms Marta-" "Wait how come im paired up with her and were team 2!" wally complained , Batman gave Wally one of his death glares...
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posted by Mclovin_69
The joker threw his dagger straight at Robin that just missed him, "come on is that all آپ got" Robin shouted before throwing one of his smoke bombs infront of the Joker. The Joker coughed as he was kicked from behind سے طرف کی Robin and was knocked out, " ارے got my bad guy!" Robin shouted and looked over to Kidflash who was fighting Poison Ivy running circles around her " HOLD STILL! KID" she screamed while shooting up a plant from underneath him, thus shooting him up in the air and making him come back down hitting the floor knocking him out. Poison Ivy laughed but was shot in the back سے طرف کی an exploding...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter 2-

Revenge looked around again. Buildings were clear, areas around where the guests were arriving was clear, woods were-wait! Something moved and Revenge zoomed in on it. He couldn't see a thing.

Revenge switched on infrared and saw what he was looking for. A human moving in the woods. Revenge switched back to regular and saw the front of a rocket launcher sticking out of the bushes.

'Always a rocket launcher.' he thought as he fired his grappling gun across the gap between the banquet building and the building he was on. Revenge swooped down and tackled the guest as a rocket whizzed by....
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posted by 66Dragons
Young Justice: Revenge Series

Book One: دل of Courage
(Named after the song سے طرف کی Two Steps from Hell)
A new vigilante joins the Team, and he isn't exactly friendly.

Book Two- The Return
(Named after a Batman Beyond episode: 'The Call')
The Team heads to Russia to stop assassins from disrupting an international peace banquet.
Prologue- link

Book Three: Courageous
(Named after the movie*)
Holly must prove her worth and loyalty when her membership to the Team is threatened.

Book Four: Revenge of the Soviets
(Named after Revenge of the Sith)
When the Team is struck a crippling blow,...
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Tonight was different, it had a مزید erie feel in the air. It was just 2 years پہلے that Grandma had died. No, not died, murdered. The clouds seemed to cover the sky like a blanket. Only the glow of the moon showed through small cracks in the mist above me. A silent tear slowly rolled down my cheek, and I lifted my had to grab onto my locket that she had دیا me the دن she died, as an early birthday present. Out of the corner of my eye a shadow quickly ran by. I started to chase it, quickly letting go of the locket and onto a mini-explosion pellet from my utility belt. As I raised my hand...
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posted by Skittles98
I heard the alarm before anyone else. I tried to run, but the one known as Kid Flash caught me. I stood still. My suit emanated the sound waves of vibranium and he was thrown back. I kept running. I extended my claws and took down whoever got in my way. Finally, I had seen enough.
“Enough” I said, putting my hands سے طرف کی my sides.
“You’re surrendering?” Robin asked
“No. That was a test. I was testing your abilities” I said. I pulled back my cowl, کفنی of a cat with purple eyes. My brown eyes were a typical against my dark skin and hair.
“Did we pass?” Miss Martian inquired
“Yes” I nodded...
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posted by Skittles98
Artemis went off stage right, while I went off left. We went around the lounge straight to where Cheshire was sitting. I grabbed her with my darkness and ran out the front door. I morphed the clamp I was holding Cheshire in to a large dark bubble. She attacked it, but it wouldn’t pop.
“Hope آپ enjoy the bubble. It’s made of something no blade can penetrate: magic. To be exact, dark magic” I smirked
“So, آپ caught me. Now what?” she asked
“Now آپ go to jail” I said
“Great. Behind bars again” she sighed
“Artemis, go get Red” I instructed. Artemis ran off. I sat down on the...
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posted by Skittles98
“Okay, Artemis, آپ come with me. Megan, آپ guard the front and Red, آپ guard the back” I instructed
“Wait, how come you’re in charge” Red asked
“It was my idea to get a snitch, my interrogation and I sensed Cheshire was here” I pointed out “But if it means that much to you, آپ can lead”
“No, just wondering” he responded
“Okay. Let’s go” Artemis stepped onto a flat black disc I made and we flew down. We entered, Red on our tail. I knocked on the back door. A large guy answered. I winked then punched him in the face, knocking him out. I walked in, Artemis beside me....
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posted by Skittles98
“Now, honey. We can do this the easy way, یا the hard way” I smiled
“How about I give آپ the info آپ want if آپ make it worth my while” he smirked
“The hard way it is” I looked in to his eyes and placed my thumb on his fore head. “Do آپ know an assassin named Cheshire?” I demanded
“Uh, maybe” he replied. I imagined horrible beasts and he yelped in terror.
“Do آپ know an assassin named Cheshire?” I repeated
“Yes!” he responded. The تصاویر stopped feeding.
“Where dose she usually hang out?” I asked
“The really nice bar on 31st street” he answered nervously
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 Robin would come and caress the baby.
Robin would come and caress the baby.
I woke up fealing really sick,I was in the bathroom throwing up.
I herd Robin enter.
Ro-Robin?I don`t feel that good today.
"Yeah I know,here take this and read the instruccions take 5 then tell me what it says got it?"
Yeah,I think.He gave me some pregnancy tests I took all five of them and they all کہا Positive.
Robin Im pregnant I whispered.
"What?!Let me see them."He looked at them all with a shoked expresion.
Robin maybe it was آپ know last night?
"Probably,How are we going to tell Batman and The entire Teams the 2 of them?"
Thats a horrifingig thought.
"Yeah but we can`t tell them until your...
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 I transformed a Blonde blue eyed Human!
I transformed a Blonde blue eyed Human!
Ohh No the New moon is here I`ll transform at midday rahhh I hate it when the cycle is here!
Im already lossing my powers sigh.
I got ready and went to MT.Justice with a worried expresion that changed into a horrified expresion.
Only Batman knew about this.
It was combat training and It was my turn being the sparring partner but it was 11:50pm I had to go and hide somewhere!

Black canary started saying:
Since you`re the most experienced of all of us آپ will be battleing SuperMan.
Superman entered and added:Don`t be surprised یا hold any grudges against me I f i win.
Trust me thats not gonna...
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posted by Skittles98
I really hate being a child of the gods sometimes. Especially when it mean’s the most powerful being on the earth comes and ruins your party. That’s what happened to me. Right after I named my new gryphon Scatty, the sand started to shift between our feet. Luckily, my instincts kicked in so I got everyone on to Scatty and the pegasi before a mini sandstorm erupted from the sand. A sleeping woman emerged. I brought out a needle from my shadow purse, knowing a way to defeat her.
“Finally. You’re coming to do the job that Melinoe failed” I mused
“Never get an amateur to do a masters...
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posted by Skittles98
 It was a white blouse, dark blue skinny jeans and some knee high converse. I look smexy!
It was a white blouse, dark blue skinny jeans and some knee high converse. I look smexy!
After literally hours of going through my closet, I finally found something me and Rachel agreed on. It was a white blouse, dark blue skinny jeans and some knee high converse. I brushed my hair and let it loose down my back. We walked out the door together and to the lounge. Right outside the lounge, my shoes mysteriously untied themselves. Rachel walked in while I retied them. She walked back out, then we walked in together. The lights were off. I flicked them on and everyone jumped up yelling “Surprise”
I screamed and lit my hands with silver fire, ready to attack! They all freaked out...
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