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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Dick walked to the fast food restaurant he was going to work in. He was dressed in black pants and a white button up shirt. He tugged on the collar, He looked at sign. Chile dog. It was written to look like icicles and had a picture of a dog that looked cold.
He sighed and walked in. Immediately the manager greeted him.
“Hello Dick welcome to chile dog. I have an employee here who’s going to دکھائیں آپ the ropes” He کہا pushing him behind the employee’s only door. He saw the back of someone’s blond head.
“Hey this is the new employee I told آپ about” The manager said. The girl turned around. Dick gasped when he saw who she was.
“Artemis?” He yelled. Artemis looked confused
“Hey aren’t آپ that kid who took a picture of me on my first day” she asked.
“Uh yeah” He کہا nervously. Great Artemis was at his school and at his work. He didn’t think he could keep his identity a secret for very long if she kept دکھانا up everywhere.
“We go to the same school. But that’s the only thing we have in common” He کہا quickly. She raised an eyebrow. Okay not being very traught here .
“Okay. Well I’ll just let Artemis دکھائیں آپ what to do” The manager کہا leaving. Artemis threw Dick a read and white stripped تہبند, برساتی and put a paper hat on his head.
“Uh what is this?” He asked
“Your uniform” She answered. Dick walked up to a mirror and put on the تہبند, برساتی and the little hat. He cringed at the sight.
“No way” He said
“You have to wear it, it’s the policy” She said.
“Well how come آپ get a real hat.” He complained looking at Artemis’s cap.
“Because I’m assistant manager” She answered. “Come I’ll teach آپ how to work the register” she was walking to the door when she realized that he wasn’t following her. She turned around.
“You mean I have to wear this in public?” Dick exclaim. Artemis rolled her eyes. And pushed him out the door. She taught him how to work the register.
“You input the order and then push this button and” She pushed the button and the register opened.
“You got it?” She asked
“I think so?” he answered. Then a musclely man walked into the restaurant.
“Take this mans order. Smile, be polite even if the customer isn’t and remember the customer is always right” She کہا quickly and then walked away.
“What?” Dick asked when the man came. Dick looked up at the very tall and ripped man. The guy had very threatening eyes and his hands were rolled up in fist.
“Uh can I take your order?” Dick asked stuttering.
“I don’t know can you?” The guy asked. Dick looked at him confused.
“What?” He said. He could see Artemis waving her arms behind the man. She kept mouthing a word it looked like my یا may.
“May? Oh um may I take your order” He کہا getting it. Artemis made a gesture telling him to smile. Dick smiled. The man crossed his arms.
“Mmm I’ll take a chili dog with fries”
“Would آپ like a drink with that?” He asked him
“Did I ask for a drink? No”
“Okay then that will be 5.99. Here’s your receipt and that’s your number right there” He کہا pointing to it.
“I know where it is” the guy snapped. He walked away and sat on a nearby chair. Artemis walked back to Dick.
“You did that on purpose didn’t you?” He asked مزید like a statement.
“Noooo" She کہا very long. " why would I have آپ deal with one of the most obnoxious customer?” She کہا clearly lying. She passed him the tray and backed away. Dick didn’t have time to think about that small movement because the guy was standing right in front of him.
“Oh here yours order” He کہا politely. The guy looked at the tray.
“Where’s my drink?”
“You didn’t order one”
“Yes I did”
“No آپ didn’t. Look at your receipt” Dick کہا reaching for the receipt but the guy crumpled it in his huge fist.
“Well that wasn’t whelmed” Dick muttered under his breath folding his arms
“The customer is always right” He کہا pointing to a sign behind him that said
“The customer is always right”
“And I ordered a drink”. He کہا getting close to his face. Dick sighed "fine" He کہا giving him a large cup. The guy left. Dick turned to Artemis.
“I had to admit I thought I was dead for a منٹ but I handled it” He کہا cool like. The guy tapped his shoulder.
“Excuse me I have another customer” He کہا turning around. A cup filled with soda was dumped on his head. He gasped when the ice went under his shirt. He took a step back only to slip on the soda and fall.
“Next time, get my order right” The guy کہا leaving. Dick shivered under the cold drink. He looked at Artemis.
“Did آپ know that was going to happen?”
“Think of it as an initiation” She said. “Here’s a mop, oh and your gonna need to pay for that drink”. This was not an asterous moment.
added by 66Dragons
"NO!" I shouted. It was perfect timing because soon enough, the pillar fell, just missing Miss Martian and Robin and crushed the chains. I was able to squirm free and kick the gun out of Cheri's hand. She let out a shout of agony, grabbing her hurt hand. "Why آپ little br-" I punched her with all my might in the face. I honestly couldn't take any مزید of her. Examining the room, I only counted 4 out of the 5 people on the team. "Artemis!" I thought out loud. As if on cue, Artemis staggered into the room, clutching the side of her head.
I ran up to her and gave her a hug. "A-Artemis, you're...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Meagan and Artemis walked down Gotham City, but nothing felt worse for Meagan then thinking how scared Artemis felt not knowing where she was, it would be like her waking up and on earth not knowing where she was and far away from her true ہوم mars. All Artemis kept thinking was about that kiss with Wally it was like kissing him brought back some memories but not every part of her times with her team, it confused her but she was trying her best to figure it out. Meagan finally broke the silence " do آپ remember me Artemis?"she asked hoping that she would " I remember آپ from somewhere but...
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posted by 66Dragons
I'm struggling with this, but it's getting done! Another plot changer tomorrow/Wednesday!

Chapter 3-

"It's not fair آپ get to have all the fun." ہولی کہا point blank.

"Hey, I'm not loaning آپ my grapple gun." Revenge کہا from the rooftop.

"Still not fair." ہولی said.

"Ah cheer up, آپ can go get a hot chocolate." Revenge said.

"I'm broke, remember?" 

"Still got AL's money?"

"Yeah but-"

"Hot chocolate counts as food."

"What about you?" ہولی said, looking at the Black Hero perched on the rooftop.

"I'm fine."

"I suppose آپ have some warm drink in your utility belt?"

Holly could practically hear the...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Wally opened his eyes automatically and Artemis began to scream she had no idea where she was یا who she is. Tears streamed her face as Meagan and Aqualad ran in sensing Artemis's presence. Meagan flew over to her and touched her forehead making her own eyes begin to glow for a couple of seconds, she did that to calm her down and make her stop crying and screaming. When Meagan had finished doing that she allowed Aqualad and Wally to approach her, She looked cautiously over at Aqualad and Wally but she was مزید focused on Wally she had a feeling she knew him from somewhere, and not meaning in...
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posted by Skittles98
After we finished building our amazing fort, we started making snowballs. I made ten, Artemis made eighteen and Megan made forty-two. Together we had 60 snowballs.
“Okay girls. The enemy is larger than us and may out arm us. But we have the stronger defense. And like my coach used to say: A great offense is nothing without good defense” I encouraged
“Okay, but how do we beat them?” Artemis asked
“You think آپ can shoot snowballs with your bow?” I asked
“Yeah, why?” she nodded
“Well y-Please Megan, link us up right now” I کہا
‘What was that about?’ Megan asked mentally
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
Author's note: I went with the blossuming پھول title, thanks Skittles98! :D

KidFlashes POV
Okay. Robing totally has a crush on Lily. Even Megan کہا it would be "cute". I think he should go for it. But he's got no confidence. Not as a cool as me. Not as اسموتھی, سموتی with the ladies. Ya know?
Yeah. Like the other day. We were in the team loungue room type thing room and I told him he should totally invite her for پیزا but when I him an encougaging shove toward he totally babbled. Poor guy.
The alarm sounded the team headed to the mission room where Batman filled them in on Bane...
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