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Eclipse front flipped over Gravity Boy with her metal body in a fighting position and her adamantium fist ready to tag him down. He dodged just in time and skidded behind her and set his مککا, عجیب الخلقت in motion. Unfortunately for him Eclipses reflexes and sense of awareness were faster than kid flash on a good day.  She leaned to the right as his fist came inches away from her face, her hands lached around his arm as she front throttled him over her. But still his tac tics were good. He landed perfectly on his feet but the force from eclipse was pasted to Gravity Boy, he did just as eclipse did and...
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A very sad and heartbroken پرستار سے طرف کی the name of Samantha Nightingale made this video. And she regrets it. But does not want to خارج it. And her microphone is shit, just like her editing.... -_-'
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Conner and Robin arrived at the dead end panting. Wally smiled his hands on his hips.
"What took آپ so long?" Wally asked searching for a block to push on the wall.
"I'm not surprised" Robin کہا still panting. Artemis leaned on the دیوار اگلے to Wally. "Your stronger than آپ look" Wally blushed.
"Well there is مزید to me than just speed" Artemis lent closer to him.
"Tell me about them" Conner nudged Robin.
"Uh sorry to interrupt your latest and most romantic moment, but we need to find that door" Artemis backed away from Wally and pushed a block on the wall. "This what your looking for?" The...
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Night began to fall, سٹریٹ, گلی lights lit up and five shadows hid behind the walls of...
"A church?" Wally whispered a chocolate bar in his mouth. Artemis nudged him. Robin nodded.
"Makes sense. Why would an evil villain go to a church?" The teenagers crept carefully to the entrance of the church. "Locked!" Robin struggled with the locks. "I could probably pick the locks-"
"Don't worry about that!" Conner stepped up to the doors and pulled it apart.
"Or he can just do that" Robin put his lock picker devise back in his utility بیلٹ, پٹی and followed the others into the pitch black room.
It felt like hours...
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