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Just want to share some of my vid :D thx for veiwing btw
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tundra کی, شمالی rolled over in her sleep. Drowsy and beads of cold sweat dotting her arms and fore head. She tossed again mumbling in her sleep. Her breathing got harder and louder. She clawed at the blankets and sheets in desperation.

Charm had been having a nicer dream than usual. At least he was sleeping which was a bonus. Then something drove him from his dream land. He didn't feel like anything was wrong with him. He listened and waited. No loud noises. Shaking him self he got up. Maybe tundra کی, شمالی could lull him to sleep again.

He paused at her door and knocked. he laughed to him self. probably asleep....
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I was doing my daily internet routine (fanpop, facebook, email, youtube, fanpop, twitter, fanpop and tumblr)

When I got to my tumblr I was just like I always scrolling down looking at amusing pictures of things when I came across a Young Justice post.

I started to have a mini panic attack google تلاش because what I read was absolutely horrifying when I read that the اگلے (or one of the next) episodes entitled
The تفصیل was leaked.
And dude. I'm about to wet my pants. So I warn you. All of you. (Especially Robin_Love)

Title: Misplaced...
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