Yu-Gi-Oh Help getting a community started where i live

platinumangel11 posted on May 16, 2017 at 08:06PM
So I moved a while ago and recently got back into yu-gi-oh because of my lovely boyfriend. Back home we already had an established yu-gi-oh base and where he lives there is one also (he is military and I'm still in school). Where I am currently at now there is virtually no fan base. I went to 3 comic/card shops and 2 of the places only sold 1 type of yu-gi-oh card pack and the 3rd had a good selection and preorder the new set for me. Now sadly all 3 of those places don't hold yu-gi-oh tournaments. I need help on trying to find a way to get yu-gi-oh started here or finding people who play it. I do not use social media so I realize this is going to be hard.

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