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posted by Gazlover
gaz woke up to a poke in the face.

Zim?-she said.
Gaz wake up-Tak said
oh hey- is zim a little better?- she asked
hes not awake yet, but lets go eat breakfast.-tak said.
tak-gaz said- i had a dream of a war, irkens and humans, آپ dont think itll happen like what happened with me and zim do yo.....

but she hadnt finished she felt a warmth on her lips, the same feeling like her first kiss she pushed herself away and کہا tak!?-what are آپ doin im no...

tak put her finger on her lips and said-you talk to much.

she smiled and kissed her again except she was grasping her this time

gaz didnt know what...
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posted by IAmZim
I yawned as my hand slammed down on the alarm clock. "Flthy humans and their filthy Skool."
I muttered harshly.
As I slowly started sitting up something sticky and disgusting hit my face.
I clenched the بستر sheets, trying not to gag. The sickening pancake slid off my face and hit my CLEAN bedsheets.
Why does everything hate me? I thought.
"Gir..." I started.
Yep, pancake syrup in my eye.
"GIR!!" I screamed. I stumbled out of بستر and fell, facefirst to the ground....
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WOW! I rubbed my head. I had just fallen and hit my head.
And to make matters worse I can't remember how it happened. The last thing I remeber is falling and then I end up here.
No doubt it was Dib's doing.
"OH when I get my hands on him I'll-I' something!" I said.
Then my دل started racing when I realized...
I didn't have my disguise.
Even though it was hard to open my eyes considereing the numbing pain in my forehead.
But slowly,steadily I opened one eye.
It was pitch black.
I waited until my eyes adjusted and thats when I noticed I was in a forest.
There were trees everywhere but...I...
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posted by zagrfreak94
Mondays suck

It was a early Monday morning, when a lot of people began to wake up to get ready for work and others for skool.

"GAZ WAKE UP, IT'S MONDAY" Dib yelled from the other side of Gaz's door. "be quiet!!!" Gaz yelled back rather annoyed for being interrupted from her peaceful sleep. It took her a while to focus and stood up from her bed. 'I hate Mondays' Gaz's کہا to herself. She walked up to her closet and picked out her clothes she was going to wear.

After Gaz finished getting dressed she walked up to her mirror. Nothing had really changed much over the years, Gaz was now a 16 and...
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posted by Gazlover
20 years passed quickly for zim and gaz they were walking ہوم as zim remembered when they had went walking as they saw someone yell -You green CHILD! your most trusted will betray آپ in 20 years time!!! Zim had no idea what he meant he was probably drunk but didint seem like it so he ignored this comment. as zim left gaz in her house dib quickly showed out of nothing and glared at zim grabbed gaz and ran inside the home

Gaz cried - and yelled WHY DID آپ DO THAT!!!. Dib calmed her and said- i told آپ to break up with him!!. Im not going to, DAD!! DAD!!.
Proffesor membrane came in a hurry...
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posted by zagrfreak94
A wonderful nightmare

There was darkness that bounded around Zim, he walk knowing it would lead him nowhere. He couldn't help but feel that someone was watching him, he felt fear and uneasy as he heard someone titter.

"Who's there?"He asked, trying to keep his voice livid and rough. No one answered.

"Show yourself pitiful creature of darkness, یا suffer the بیڑا of the Almighty Z-,"Zim was then interrupted سے طرف کی the same titter he heard earlier, It was longer and مزید uncontrollably. But then it stopped and was replaced with a low and dangerous growl.

"Oh shut up."It said. "I'm in a good mood...
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posted by zagrfreak94
Unique human

"Now that there are no humans present to hear me, May I ask why are آپ suddenly interested in Zim?" he asked without making eye contact with her.

"I already told آپ Zim, I just thought it would be interesting to know what Aliens like آپ do differently from us humans" Gaz کہا and she continued to read the paper.

"Gaz Membrane is finally fascinated in Aliens, the اگلے thing I will hear from آپ is that آپ want to be a paranormal investigator. I guess Zim has just found Dib's perfect assistant. "Zim teased.

"Hey just bacause I find آپ ALIENS interesting does not mean I'll become...
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posted by zagrfreak94
spaceboy's base

After Skool was over both zim and Gaz had decided to walk together to zim's House. They both walked in silence and felt awkward but thought it was best to keep it that way. Before they left, Gaz told Dib she wasn't coming ہوم till 9:00 at night, and of course Dib began to think the worst. He worried of what Zim might do to her without him there to protect her but she guaranteed him that nothing will happen, knowing that Zim is smart enough not to mess with her.

Besides Gaz has a project to do and she will not risk failing it سے طرف کی some stupidity Dib might do that might really piss...
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posted by zagrfreak94
I'm with stupid

"Let's see...where's class 306" Zim کہا as he kept looking for his Health class. He began to walk faster as he began to pass classes 301, 302, 303, 304, 305 and finally stopped. "finally, 306" zim کہا as he entered his class. The School گھنٹی, بیل hasn't ringed yet so all the tennage humans were fooling around in class, drowing paper balls, laughing, running, making out, etc. But one student just remained in her نشست and she was playing a device that humans called a game Slave. That 'she' was none other but Dib's scary sister Gaz Membrane. Zim smirked at this and began to approach...
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posted by zagrfreak94

Both Zim and Gaz gazed at the baby, Curious Zim poked it.

Suddenly a giggle was heard from the baby; terrified Zim jumped behind Gaz. Gaz rolled her eyes at his sudden reaction and hold the baby in her arms.

"Relax zim, it just giggled no need to be scared" Gaz کہا looking at zim behind her; she had detected that he was trembling. When he took notice of Gaz's gaze, he stood and took the baby away from Gaz's grip.

"Zim, scared of a stupid human toy? Nonsense" He کہا as he returned to his seat. Zim look intently at the baby and poked him once more. The little baby giggled again, which to...
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