It was Tuesday morning. The ball rang. I went inside and putted my کتابیں in my locker. My best friend ,maple,shoved a poster saying there was a prom on Thursday ..she کہا she was going with her boyfriend harry .i didn't know who to go with. At lunch I sat beside میپل and harry. They کہا " آپ know zayn want to go with you, adarmaris " . 10 سیکنڈ later zayn sat in front of me. میپل and harry blurted out " adarmaris want to go to the dance with you, Zayn". Zayn and me blushed. A سیکنڈ later Niall,Louis, and Liam sat اگلے to zayn . Niall asked "Zayn why are آپ blushing is it because adarmaris is your crush?". Zayn cheeks turned redder. I decided to اقدام . Luckily the lunch گھنٹی, بیل rang. I ran out but zayn pulled me. My دل beated .

He ask if I would want to go with him.i کہا yes.

At the prom I wore a red dress.when I saw zayn I smiled . He told me to wait. Zayn went up to the stage. So did Louis , Harry , Niall, and Liam.they sang مزید than this and kiss you. میپل and I ran up when Harry کہا kiss آپ and kissed our prom date.