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Geneva Lane, ex-X Factor contestant, former Belle Amie member and ex girlfriend of fellow X-Factor contenstant Zayn Malik (that's a lot of ex's!), has spoken to News of The World about One Direction's Zayn Malik and spilled the beans on his دل shattering ways!

Picking up the pieces of her Zayn Malik crushed soul, Geneva explained how Zayn tore her WORLD apart.

"Zayn's a heartbreaker. When I found out he was seeing Rebecca I felt numb. He told me he loved me and promised me the world." This is all very dramatic isn't it? Weren't they going out for about a month? The WORLD is a pretty large...
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Secret X Factor romance revealed: One Direction's Zain Malik and Belle Amie's Geneva Lane go public after دکھائیں finale
They have been keeping the secret under wraps for weeks under Simon Cowell's strict love ban.
But after the X Factor finale دکھائیں ended last night, One Direction's Zain Malik and Belle Amie's Geneva Lane promptly went public with their romance.
The pair kissed and held hands in front of photographers as they left the studios together for the last time.
Going public: One Direction's Zain Malik puckers up to Belle Amie's Geneva Lane after the X Factor finale.
Despite his group getting...
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