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Okay am I the only one who thought the end of A:TLA contradicted everything they کہا earlier? So Aang has to give up Katara, but instead he runs after her and blocked his Avatar chakra. But magically in the end he managed to control the avatar state and get the girl?
What also gets to me, in the last season, they set up Zutara for them to fail, I mean if آپ know anything about movie making آپ CANNOT bash a couple آپ do not like, no matter what. It was Kataang یا Zutara the entire time. The best part of it all is they tried to crush the Zutara spirit but they couldn't!
We the people of the...
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After Aang, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Toph and Suki have ended the war یا fled in a small apartment living all fericitidar May had to go on vacation with her family and left alone even Zuko's birthday
Hey آپ know what zie's today? He کہا Katara
What دن is today? Ask Aang
It's Zuko's birthday, 'said Katara excited
Mother that special day! Grave Sokka
Katara looked at him with a raised eyebrow
I thought her make a surprise party
Yes good idea! Aang was upset
After preparing all Katara's mother went to call
Katara did a good job with the party! Spoke Suki, Aang and Toph Sokka
Zuko's room
Katara doing here?...
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this was always my پسندیدہ song, Guardian Angel سے طرف کی Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and i thought that this song and Zutara fit together PERFECTLY.
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