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What do آپ think of Zod getting his powers back?

7 answers | my answer: i think that zod should go to hell and burn there,b...

Tell me some of your پسندیدہ Clois scenes ??

14 answers | my answer: it started in season 8,when she caught clark in an...

Who do آپ think is the funniest person in Glee?

22 answers | my answer: Sue,no doubt.She looks like a man trapped in a girl...

is ivy from good luck charlie on glee

4 answers | my answer: No, although They have a resemblance, they are not...

If Glee did Disney?

8 answers | my answer: I would absoluely love it if Glee did Disney, i mea...

I know santana is Lesbian and stuff...but Is britney? And why don't they get together?

5 answers | my answer: I personally believe that Santana is Bisexual; both...

Who are your سب, سب سے اوپر 5 characters?

36 answers | my answer: In Order: 1. Kurt 2. Blaine 3. Sam 4. Mercedes...

The Warblers MAY be leaving the دکھائیں in season 3.

2 answers | my answer: I would love it if Blaine transfers to Kurt's Schoo...

What 'Glee' character do آپ think آپ are most like?

21 answers | my answer: Mercedes: She's Strong, a diva and she can stand u...

پسندیدہ Glee album?

7 answers | my answer: It Will Have To Be Vol. 1 & The Rocky Horror Glee S...