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Why do آپ hate Pocatontas 2?

1 answer | my answer: I don't hate it, particularly. In fact, I admire it...
Rachel بانگ

What is your پسندیدہ song سے طرف کی Rachel?

3 answers | my answer: 1. What A Song Can Do... 2. Mean Girls... 3. Lemo...

If آپ could make your own عملی حکمت what would آپ put in it and what would your characters be in the story?

1 answer | my answer: I don't think I could... I mean, I have a couple of...

What did آپ think of anniewannie when آپ first met her?

1 answer | my answer: When I first saw her, I thought she was a beautiful...

How did آپ discover "Hal"?

1 answer | my answer: Through Google! I basically just searched عملی حکمت mov...