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A Walk To Remember

Did آپ cry while reading the book?

6 answers | my answer: yeahh,, from the part where she told him she was si...

Who's watching the royal wedding?

23 answers | my answer: i'm going to watch it, at least it gets me out of d...
The Vampire Diaries TV دکھائیں

What are youre پسندیدہ Stefan-Couples?

24 answers | my answer: Stelena! <3
Damon Salvatore

CONTEST - Post a picture of a character in a different tv show/movie who آپ think Damon would suit and say why.

3 answers | my answer: Eric Northman (From True Blood) Because he is a va...
Finn & Rachel

Would anybody be willing to make a F/R شبیہ for me that has the quote "I support the obvious". preferably with a picture from the season finale

1 answer | my answer: Hey,, i thought i'd have a go at making one for آپ...