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What toppings do آپ like on your pancakes?

3 answers | my answer: کیلا and chocolate syrup

I am from India. We love Spicy Food

2 answers | my answer: mee too!! ^^
Harry Potter

When peter pettigrew turn into a rat, his clothes fall off because of his shrunk size...but when he turn into himself again, his clothe automatically comes back in his body...the same goes for sirius black and lupin's that possible??

5 answers | my answer: well harry potter is a magic based movie r8..........
Harry Potter

Should my birthday cake look like the cake Hagrid gives to Harry on his 11 b-day, یا should I have a Ravenclaw cake?

4 answers | my answer: i think its better u keep the ravenclaw cake itself...
عملی حکمت

post an عملی حکمت character with a long hair!

43 answers | my answer: maybe quiet a long hair
عملی حکمت

post an عملی حکمت girl with a crown

13 answers | my answer: magical :)
عملی حکمت

Post a cute عملی حکمت girl,the cutest one i will give props!!!

28 answers | my answer: i will tell sango she a cute girl
عملی حکمت

post an عملی حکمت character who has a clone یا double

11 answers | my answer: miroku to attract sango :P
عملی حکمت

Post a picture of an عملی حکمت character with stars in their eyes.

7 answers | my answer: from lucky سٹار, ستارہ
عملی حکمت

Post an عملی حکمت character wearing کیمونو, kimono

29 answers | my answer: sango and kagomee