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So whats your three highest تمغے and how much have آپ contributed?

11 answers | my answer: 1. Disney Princess.: Answers.: 11. Articles.: 8...


26 answers | my answer: July 2014.


23 answers | my answer: No, no, yes, no, no.

Best Disney Movie

19 answers | my answer: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Disney Princess

Who is Elsa?

5 answers | my answer: Well, Elsa is the queen and sister of Anna (the pro...
Disney Princess

Can آپ guys give me your پسندیدہ Disney Princess?

43 answers | my answer: Rapunzel, then Mulan and and then Merida.
Disney Princess

Which DP do I look the closest to?

4 answers | my answer: Belle, Probably. :)
Disney Princess

Which Disney princess and prince are smartest ?

8 answers | my answer: Rapunzel, Mulan, Tiana, Shang, and John Smith.
Disney Princess

Am I too fat/chubby to be a face character at Disney World?

4 answers | my answer: Of course you're not too chubby, don't worry. :)...
Disney Princess

Which princess am I (misscindyspice) most like?

4 answers | my answer: Definitely Cinderella. You're always so mature abou...