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link <<---- Here is an Uncle Scrooge Comic I گیا کیا پوسٹ in English :) گیا کیا پوسٹ پہلے دن X
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Thanks 😊 پہلے دن X
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Thank آپ so much for all آپ have done for the Uncle Scrooge McDuck پرستار club and the Ducktales پرستار club. آپ truly are the number one dime of both clubs. گیا کیا پوسٹ قبل ماہ X
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Thanks قبل ماہ ایک
Scroogefan1867 کہا …
Hi, I saw your Don Rosa Scrooge video. I completely disagree with the entire video but that is also what I admired about it. Despite it all, آپ still gave your honest opinion no matter how dumb it sounded to many گیا پڑھا مرتبہ and for that آپ have my deepest respect and earned yourself a supporter. گیا کیا پوسٹ قبل ماہ X
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Thank you. قبل ماہ X
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I haven't seen آپ for a minute! گیا کیا پوسٹ قبل ماہ X
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🌻🌸😊🌻🌸😊🌻🌸Have A Lovely Weekend🌻🌸😊🌻🌸😊🌻🌸 گیا کیا پوسٹ قبل ماہ X
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your user شبیہ is the cutest thing ever 😊🌻 قبل ماہ X
cruella کہا میں بارے کے Disney Princess
I hate to bother آپ guys, but would آپ do me a favor and رپورٹ this guy, Jokeuih? He’s an ant-Trump troll that has been on here for about three months now with different accounts, trashing the Donald Trump club and trolling the members. And every time his account gets deleted he makes another. I would really appreciate it, especially since I know that I’m probably the only Trump supporter on here. Thanks

link گیا کیا پوسٹ قبل ماہ X
deedragongirl شدہ تبصرہ…
Although I despise Trump, but okay, I will do the job! قبل ماہ X
Sparklefairy375 شدہ تبصرہ…
Okay so another troll account. I personally don't really care with Trump یا any of US political situation but sure I'll help :) قبل ماہ X
simrananime شدہ تبصرہ…
You're not the only one. I reported him several times but he keeps coming back. قبل ماہ X
cruella شدہ تبصرہ…
Thanks, everybody. قبل ماہ X
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Hello! I just wanted to say that I really respect your attitude about politics. I noticed your past presence on the Trump club where آپ reprimanded someone for being racist towards Obama with the chimp comment. I will never support Trump at all, but what makes آپ mature is that آپ know that no party is right with everything. Just like I know fellow liberals can be obnoxious at times. گیا کیا پوسٹ قبل ماہ X
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Hey, Cruella! I hope you've been doing well 😄 I took *quite* the hiatus again -- over a سال -- but my school schedule is *much* less demanding this semester, so I've created a bunch of کوئز سوالات within the past month. Anyway, your current icon/default is *awesome*, and I absolutely LOVED all of your شبیہیں within the contest. Congratulations on a job well done 🙌🙌 And Happy Valentine's Day-almost 🌹 گیا کیا پوسٹ قبل ماہ X
cruella شدہ تبصرہ…
Glad to see آپ back. I’m doing fine. And thanks, I’m glad آپ like my icons. قبل ماہ X
nishka12320 کہا …
minnie looks so funny when she laughing! گیا کیا پوسٹ قبل ماہ X
cruella کہا میں بارے کے Disney Princess
Hi guys! I started a Valentine شبیہ contest if you'd like to sign up for it!

link گیا کیا پوسٹ قبل ماہ X