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Sully یا booth?

7 answers | my answer: BOOTH <3 !

Who Is Your Favourite Intern, and Why?

11 answers | my answer: Vincent Nigel-Murray..Because he's sweet, he's funn...
How I Met Your Mother

What? *Marshal pushes button and says "Drink."*

1 answer | my answer: Name of the episode is : Game Night (season 1 episo...
How I Met Your Mother

Does someone know the air تاریخ of season 7 episode 15 ?

2 answers | my answer: Monday, 23.January 2012
How I Met Your Mother

What is your favourite charachter? I love Ted and Barney!!

18 answers | my answer: Barney :)
Alyson Hannigan

Do آپ think Alyson hannigan is reading this?

2 answers | my answer: I highly doubt it, but it would be cool. She could...

Are آپ perfect?

26 answers | my answer: Nobody is perfect!

Do آپ have a crush on someone?

36 answers | my answer: yes. Neil Patrick Harris :$ XD

What is you're سٹار, ستارہ sign? Mine is Aquarius

45 answers | my answer: Taurus :)
Neil Patrick Harris

Do آپ like the names of Neil and David's twins ?

5 answers | my answer: yes!