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Describe your cat/cats, if آپ have any.

17 answers | my answer: I have 4 cats, the funny thing is they are all whit...
Lord of the Rings

who is better rohan یا gondor?

15 answers | my answer: Rohan is totally the BEST!
Lord of the Rings

Bald Gandalf?

4 answers | my answer: Nooooo Gandalf looks good with long white hair!
Lord of the Rings

Does anyone who likes LOTR fancy Frodo?

19 answers | my answer: I LOVE Frodo but im starting to like Legaglos more!...
Lord of the Rings

If آپ could pick one race from the trilogy what would it be?!?!

27 answers | my answer: Hobbits یا Elf! Hobbits r so peaceful but elves r s...
Lord of the Rings

what is merry's real name

8 answers | my answer: Meriadoc Brandybuck!
Lord of the Rings

Who's your پسندیدہ Character?

29 answers | my answer: totally frodo! legolas is close second!

Anyone from my time still active?? =(

9 answers | my answer: I miss the old fanpop. I made my first internet fri...

ARE آپ 100% IRISH یا NOT ?

45 answers | my answer: I'm a lot of differant things i'm like 20% Irish i...

What MALE شخصیات مشہور would آپ most like to have رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا with?

14 answers | my answer: I would have to say Sterling Knight, and Johnny Dep...