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How often do آپ cry?

26 answers | my answer: I don't cry a lot, but when I do it's usually, beca...

what do آپ think of people who dress up their pets?

20 answers | my answer: Sometimes maybe, but not every day. For the pet's s...

Where is the place آپ got most embarrassed at?

2 answers | my answer: I used to get embarrassed everywhere and all the ti...

whose your پسندیدہ disney character?

23 answers | my answer: Pocahontas! Best non-princessy princess :D

Pick up a book nearest to آپ and turn to page 45. The first complete sentence describes your life.

11 answers | my answer: "O'erflows the measure' with 'files and musters','s...

Have آپ ever snapped?

8 answers | my answer: To be honest, I only completely snap very VERY rare...

Post a *cartoon* character that آپ like.

10 answers | my answer: Tom & Jerry ♥

What is the highest score آپ goten on flappy bird?:D

16 answers | my answer: 15 :) but I only played on my friend's phone a few...

do آپ miss someone so damn much?

19 answers | my answer: Yeah, I miss my friend Justina and my family member...

Name something آپ like to do but آپ kinda suck at it

26 answers | my answer: Drawing :P