Amanda Emilie Mauno

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  • Female, 25 years old
  • Oslo, Norway
  • Favorite TV Show: Once Upon A Time, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, AHS +++
    Favorite Movie: Lolita, Disney, Pulp Fiction, A Clockwork Orange, Amadeus, if...., Leon +++
    Favorite Musician: PUFFY, Björk, Marilyn Manson, Lana Del Rey, Beethoven, Mozart +++
    Favorite Book or Author: Harry Potter, A Clockwork Orange, Lolita, His Dark Materials +++
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milla_indie کہا میں بارے کے American Horror Story
It only just came on TV and after two episodes I think it's one of the best shows I have seen. And finally the pilot episode is enough to get hooked. گیا کیا پوسٹ پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
big smile
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And thank آپ for your جوابات in "Django" spot !
I am gladi that there are still active شائقین ;)
PROP!! گیا کیا پوسٹ پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک