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Which princess is better Ariel, snow white, Cinderella , یا گھنٹی, بیل choose one

27 answers | my answer: Belle is my fave.

پسندیدہ Disney character?

19 answers | my answer: It's been the same since I was a toddler and it wil...

Disney dog competition

9 answers | my answer: Old Yeller! Love this dog!
Harry Potter


63 answers | my answer: Hermione of course! :)
Harry Potter

If آپ could تاریخ any character from HP who would آپ date?

104 answers | my answer: Krum. He's looks and acts most like my type of guy....
Harry Potter

If آپ had a wand, What kind would it be?

9 answers | my answer: well i'd want it to be made of اخروٹ and a have a...
Harry Potter

who do آپ think is the most scary professer in hogwarts

12 answers | my answer: SNAPE
Harry Potter

Which mopvie did آپ think was the best one out of all seven?

12 answers | my answer: the very last one. Part 2.
Harry Potter

Am I the only one who actually likes James Potter (1)?

18 answers | my answer: i like him!
Harry Potter

Don't آپ find it really cringey when Bellatrix trie to woo Voldemort but he just throws it back in her face?

6 answers | my answer: when & how did she try to 'woo' him?