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If آپ could eat any food right now, what would آپ eat?

21 answers | my answer: Ice cream :)
Harry Potter


20 answers | my answer: I HATE MALFOY!!! even though he becomes a LITTLE b...
Harry Potter

What's your order for پسندیدہ کتابیں and movies?

7 answers | my answer: books: deathly hallows sorcerrer's stone half bl...
Harry Potter

What would آپ have liked to happen in the epilogue?

11 answers | my answer: i would have liked fred and sirius to stay alive......
Harry Potter

Dark mark?

3 answers | my answer: yes...of course!
Harry Potter

If آپ stood in front of the Mirror of Erised, what would آپ see?

33 answers | my answer: i would see myself as securing 1st in the whole of...
Harry Potter

Which caracter would آپ most like to go on a quest with? Harry Potter یا Percy Jackson

14 answers | my answer: i will like to go with harry potter cuz always i ad...
Harry Potter

Solve this riddle to win props!!

18 answers | my answer: barty crouch jr
Harry Potter

okay I have had this سوال for a really long time. Imagine there are three people, Harry, Ron and Hermione. Now Harry wants to turn into Ron using poyjuice potion so he plucks a hair and adds it to the potion and drinks it. Now Hermione also wants

4 answers | my answer: maybe u want to ask that if Hermione wants to turn...
Harry Potter

What house are آپ in?

32 answers | my answer: In Pottermore, I am in Hufflepuff :)