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Do آپ think my dog is cute?

11 answers | my answer: yes :D
Alpha and Omega

Is there anything that reminds آپ of Alpha and Omega?

5 answers | my answer: everything
Alpha and Omega

I'm probably leaving fanpop since I have the feeling everyone just Avoids/don't love me so this Is probably last time on here since I've been lonesome for a while and people hurt my feelings a lot lately.I guess I am not good enough for anyone

7 answers | my answer: There are over 7.045 billion people living in this...
Alpha and Omega

do آپ think alpha and omega is the best movie ever :D

8 answers | my answer: Do i have to say it again :D BEST...MOVIE...EVER!!...
Alpha and Omega

Who is your پسندیدہ character?

50 answers | my answer: Everyone :D
Alpha and Omega

How much do آپ like Alpha and Omega?

3 answers | my answer: not just great but the best!
Alpha and Omega

What is your پسندیدہ scene from A&O?

4 answers | my answer: all of them!
Alpha and Omega

Ok so heres a سوال for all of you! What is it about my art that آپ like??? Why do آپ like my art??

7 answers | my answer: آپ draw really well, and compared to mine yours sh...
Alpha and Omega

Do آپ think this song discribes Kate?

2 answers | my answer: coolio, yes
Alpha and Omega

What user comes to mind when آپ think of the A&O club?

10 answers | my answer: KingSimbia4ever9 and ecology