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posted by hetaliaitaly
"LET GO OF ME STOP DONT!!" I screamed as my dad kept punching me in the ribs "STOP PLEASE" my dad stopped and looked into my eyes with that evil look he always had cold tears ran down my cheeks as he still sat on me my hands tied to front of the بستر and an evil smirk across his lips as he Crashed them into mine force kissing me. My دل was screaming for him to stop i tried to yell but his lips stopped the noise from leaving my mouth just then my six سال old sister Lucy walked in my dad took his lips from mine as he turned his head to face her, her cheeks were pale white from being sick she...
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posted by Proud2bGay
my life is hell. my parents can't stand to look at me anymore ever since i told them im gay. Then beat my brutally. every time i get beatin, i pass out. i went to my uncle's on night and he had دوستوں over. this was a سال ago. i got up to get a drink of water and, unfortunatley they were all drunk. they gang raped me and i told my parents about it. they thought that i enjoyed it and it was my fault. the first time iwas raped i was 5. my dad throws me around like a rag doll and my bf abuses me in multiple ways. i just recently broke up with him and he threatened to kidnap, beat, rape, and kill me. my best friend tried to force himself on me and now im left with only my grandparents. they won't be around forever and i'll be left all alone. im miserable, cold, and hurt. no one believes me when i tell them that i've been abused sexually and other multiple ways. im numb inside and out. thats why i bring my pocket چھری every where i go...i need somebody out there who knows how i feel...