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If this has already been گیا کیا پوسٹ please tell me on my دیوار with a link to this pic.
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Couldn't resist writing another story, especially after listening to "Melt" [by Hatsune Miku] for like, the 20th time.
I کہا my laptop was broken. But FINALLY, my mom let me use hers. So don't think of me like I was lying there, because I wasn't.
I'm using Fubblegum for this story, because FinnAme didn't seem to fit it. I'm planning also to make a FinnOnna یا FinnCeline story in the future.

Finn woke in the morning. Before even rising from his mattress, there was one person in his mind. No, it wasn't Jake. No, it wasn't Marceline.

But Princess Bubblegum....
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