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emilyroxx posted on Dec 24, 2010 at 04:30PM
Need advice? I'll give peoples advice if they want it. Just state your problem. :)

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک BeB said…
Well... okay so me and my friend RP (Role Play) as these 2 anime characters (cartoon characters), and well we both ship them as a couple- and as friends... when we started RPing threw texts thats what they were- friends... but as it progressed.. over a few short days they somehow wound up flirting and having sooooo much sexual tensions with each other that they finally just started going out!

And we don't see each other 'cept on the weekends and she goes to a different High School... so we hardly see each other anymore but chat on facebook and in texts. She was my first friend and I was hers- we were both kinda lonely and a bit of emo losers... we met in 4th grade XD and she moved to my school and immeditatly when they said she didn't talk I thought 'OMG maybe she could be my first friend...!' and I talked to her and she listened, and smiled after a while, nodding.

We eventually came up with a system... and then we met our other friend in 5th, then it was us- the 3 musketeers! We have a special bond as being each others first ever friends (yes neither of us had friends until then- I had my reasons and so did she) and we both wanted to be artists!

For a while in middle school I sorta envied her, she had/has such talent! But shes just so innocent... anyway, lately since starting High School and not being able to have the 3 musketeers (though we'ved all gained many new friends) I feel that I might lose her... and that scares me. Now I don't know if I offically have feelings for her... but it'd help if I knew she has feelings for me.

I've always loved her as a friend... but I have no idea if theres something more to it, tell me, anything- what do you think?? If you could just give me a little help that'd be great! I just hope I'm not reading to much into the RP... or if I may miss out. Please help I'm totally clueless!!! Let me know what you think please!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dreamon727 said…
I think you you should tell her you have feelings for her, because you are not lying, right?