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Book, The Future Of Spacetime, Contains Racially Offensive Cartoon From Stephen Hawking

سے طرف کی WNNWs News

Stephen Hawking has been linked to a racially offensive "cartoon" that depicts a black باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال player being electrocuted to death سے طرف کی lightning, to illustrate how the future of time travel is not black "but "blindingly white", in the book, The Future of Spacetime. The book is a collection of essays presented originally in 2000 at the Kipfest celebration of physicist Kip Thorne's 60th birthday.

According to sources linked to an investigation about the origins of the illustration and whose decision it was to کریں شائع it, the cartoon was made سے طرف کی an assistant to Dr. Hawking and at his direction. It has been indicated that Kip Thorne is among those that pointed to Hawking as being responsible for the depiction.

The network program, Conversate In The A.M.,with Khari Enaharo, will feature a in-depth look at this investigation and what it means to the African American community as well as the legacy of Stephen Hawking, at a time to be announced اگلے week.