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posted by itachifan1
 this wud be us if we can share itachi and be دوستوں again
this wud be us if we can share itachi and be friends again
if we dnt stop fighting over itachi he wont luv either 1 of us itachi shudent be fought over he wants us both he luvs us....... He hates it wen gurls fight over him he luvs his gurls. now if u say this is pathetic i am going to beat the shit out of u! Hav a nice دن ^ ^ o and also i will write a little fanfic here about u me and itachi

itachi: ارے my cute little bunnies

me: i am not a bunny i ma a cat but thank u i luv u too

otaku-chan: i wuv u itachi ^ ^

itachi: i am glad u 2 are دوستوں again ^ ^

me: yep me too

otaku: *drools over how cute itachi is* muhumuhahmine

me: LoL

itachi: do u 2 want sum cookies?

us: yes!!!

itachi: *gives us cookies*

and they lived Happilly ever after
added by itachifan1
added by itachifan1