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posted by Alexhelen24
В юности боль забывается скоро,
Слёзы смахнув, ты смеёшься опять.
Время пройдёт, и всегда лишь такою
Буду тебя вспоминать.

Счастье короткое Бог нам отмерил,
Непостоянна людская душа,
Я ведь не зря в эту сказку не верил,
Слишком она хороша.

Как ты красива сегодня,
Нет в моём сердце ни боли, ни зла,
Как ты красива сегодня,
Как ты сегодня светла....
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back in love - with Swedish girl

When Alexander Rybak appeared on the "Sing-along at Skansen" earlier this summer, there was a special girl in the audience: his new Swedish girlfriend. They met when the Norwegian visited at Gröna Lund. "Yes, and it was she who found me," he says.
The Norwegian "näcken" prefer Swedish girls.

Alexander Rybak wrote "Fairy Tale" about an old flame. Now she is definitely forgotten - Rybak met a Swedish girl.

- Yes, یا it was she who met me, "says the violinist.

"I'm in love with a fairy tale" sings Alexander Rybak, 23, in eurovision winner "Fairytale".

But the text...
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(VG Nett) Andrea Victoria (14) fikk fela til Alexander Rybak under VG-Lista Topp 20 igår kveld. (VG Nett) Andrea Victoria (14) had to fiddle Alexander Rybak under VG-Lista Topp 20 yesterday evening.

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- Herregud, det er kjempegøy, utbryter Andrea Victoria Horda Hoelseth (14) fra Sandefjord til VG Nett. - Oh, it's great, exclaims Andrea Victoria Horda Hoel Seth (14) from...
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Тобою околдован, окрылен,
И строчка песни новой: я влюблен.
Кружат калейдоскопом день за днем,
Мне не до того, я влюблен!

Я влюблен!

С тобою так легко, чудеса!
По небу босиком, небеса.
Смеяться, танцевать, под дождем
И снова повторять: я влюблен!

Друзья не понимают, но и пусть!
А я счастливым быть не боюсь.
В песок, уходит время, как вода,
А я...
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In the beggining of March the winner of Eurovision song contest back in 2009, Alexander Rybak (24), showed off his new girlfriend, Maria Slyngstad.

But even though the couple is madly in love nowadays, the two of them doesn't get to see each other often. To Alexander Rybak says that he is traveling over 340 days a year.

The last few days Alexander Rybak have worked as a reporter for NRK under Eurovision, and Rybak admits the he misses his girlfriend alot when he's gone.

- Of course I miss her, but I'm trying to be positive. The most important for me is to have fun and do my best to...
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- Have آپ heard the song Azerbaijani participants of Eurovision this year?

- Yes, I heard. I really like your song, it's very romantic and nice. And, frankly, I love Azerbaijan.

- When آپ were last in Azerbaijan?

- I am often invited to Azerbaijan with the ensemble, but I am now speaking one. But if I am invited to some kind of artist I am happy to agree.

- And whether آپ will agree to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest again, if آپ offer?

- Advocate for the سیکنڈ time in Eurovision for me is not interesting, because I now have too much work and money to take this step again. I would...
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posted by Alexander_Rybak
Europe Skies

Now I'm home, but I cannot stay
I dream of آپ every day
Got to know every inch of you
Will آپ make my dream come true?

There's no place like ہوم they say
You're my home, so hear me pray.

I don't know you, but I need مزید time
Promise me you'll be mine
Birds are flying over Europe skies,
Tell me please why can't I?

Times have changed, but so have I
I view my life through your eyes
On the go in tourist's shoes
But I'll stay truthful to you

Cause there's no place like ہوم they say
You're my home, so I guess I'll stay.

I don't know you, but I need مزید time
Promise me you'll be mine
Birds are flying over Europe skies
Tell me please why can't I?

I don't know you, but I need مزید time
Promise me you'll be mine
Birds are flying over Europe skies
Tell me please why can't I?
(AP) Alexander Rybak (24) confides to the Swedish newspaper that the parents have persuaded him not to withdraw from the "Let's Dance."

ویژن ٹیلی viewers witnessed was Friday that Alexander Rybak had to leave the TV studio live dance before the judges had دیا their marks to him and Malin Johansson (23). Rybak told the AP later in the evening that he had to throw up, and that he had suffered from abdominal pain and vomiting for a few weeks.

Now elaborates Rybak to the Swedish Aftonbladet that there have been about psychological problems. He says he has received much medical attention, and...
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Купалінка, купалінка,
Цёмная ночка,
Цёмная ночка,
А дзе ж твая дочка?

Мая дочка ў садочку
Ружу, ружу поліць,
Ружу, ружу поліць,
Белы ручкі коліць.

Кветачкі рвець, кветачкі рвець,
Вяночкі звівае,
Вяночкі звівае,
Слёзкі пралівае.

(Translation سے طرف کی Ellen Nl)

Kupalinka, Kupalinka
It’s dark in the night
It’s dark in the night
Where is your daughter, Kupalinka?

My daughter is in the garden
She weeds the rose
She weeds the rose
And wounds her white hands

She picks the flowers
She picks the flowers
And weaves garlands
She weaves garlands and sheds tears.
“Rybak believes in the ultrasound of dolphins”

’Today, I swam with the dolphins. Did آپ know? Impressions are good, but, honestly, hoping for a مزید open relationship. The pool was too small. آپ can believe یا not believe, but true - ultrasound positive effect on people. While sailing with dolphins ultrasonic waves affect the human body. As a result of the improving performance of all body systems. They are کہا to relieve pain, eliminate muscle tension and favorably affect the nervous system. In addition, dolphins are distinguished cheerful disposition and high intelligence. All animals have different affects on people. Let's say my dog does not have ultrasounds, but she knows how to cheer up. There are people who believe in hippotherapy. I never was fond of horses, and my dad is professionally engaged in horseback riding. I am very fond of animals! Even writing songs about them. In my first album is a song about horses.’
"Said no to the king of musical"

Openhearted! Alexander speak sout about drugs, his new album – and the شخصیات مشہور he has rejected.

- آپ are out with a new СВ again, can آپ tell a bit about the album?

- It’s released both in Norway and Sweden and is called “Visa vid Vindens anger”. It’s a collaboration with the Swedish troubadour Matt Paulson, who I have known for over two years. He’s a living legend for me, and it has really been therapy to work with him on this album. After two turbulent years, I needed something that was a little down to earth/laidback, says Rybak.

- How do...
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In english:

Eurovision winner norwegian Alexander Rybak exposes in Seura- magazine that he still wouldn't betray.

- It is hard for me to say no to sex if it is on offer. Exept now: even there are 5000 girls in my concert, I can only think that one girl which one I love.

He exposes that he had earlier met some شائقین and sometimes he went a little bit far with them.

Rybak himselfs thinks that he hadn't abused position

- I think it is better to say that I'm     

Rybak has dated with winners of different competitions

- It is easy to be with someone who adores you.

Translated: Hanatee and pepu
Попаду я стрелой Амура,
Открою для тебя любви секрет.

Открываю я глаза: “Привет!”
Крылья, стрелы – и я одет,
Забираюсь выше, чем всегда,
Я над облаками.
Раскрываю крылья и, слегка
Разукрасив небеса,
Картину вижу на земле:
Уходит он и больно ей.
Но в жизни роль моя -
Летать и стрелять,
Соединять сердца.

Попаду я стрелой Амура,
Открою для тебя...
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“A Summer Wind and an Open Window”

A summer wind and an open window,
a curtain flutters and I can see
the waving daffodills in the sunshine
and I´m composing a melody.

I want to sing آپ a song my dearest,
when petals drop from the cherry-trees.
I´m resting here in a field one morning
with att the birds and the honeybees.

A summer wind and an open window,
a curtain flutters and I can see
the waving daffodils in the sunshine
and I´m composing a melody.

آپ walked so happy among the flowers,
maybe it´s true یا a fantasy.
The time has changed now آپ are remembered
with all my love and in harmony.

I want to bring آپ a song my dearest,
a song of joy for eternity,
but words feel empty and tunes fall silent
and what is left is a mystery.

آپ walked so happy among the flowers,
maybe it´s true یا a fantasy.
The time has changed now آپ are remembered
with all my love and in harmony.

Lyrics are found here: link
Как мало нужно для того,
Чтобы влюбиться с головой,
А мне хватило трёх минут,
Что бы на веки утонуть.
Какая магия была
В тех океанах синих глаз,
Все мысли о тебе одной
Ну что ты сделала со мной?!

Ты недоступна, как звезда,
Ты никому не скажешь: “Да!”
И для тебя я только друг.
Как разорвать мне этот круг?
Я от тебя схожу с ума,
А ты не хочешь понимать,...
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Ты безмолвна словно космос
И закрыта на засов
И хотя не очень поздно
Навеваешь сон
Только не скрою мне не до сна
Если со мною ты холодна

Скоро я совсем забуду
Как же голос твой звучит
Покричи побей посуду
Только не молчи
Словно со мною нет ни души
Если не любишь так и скажи

Что с тобой опять не пойму я
Скажи мне что давно
О другом тоскуешь...
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Cool شخصیات مشہور should pick on the ones further down the hierarchy. Therefore we let Morten Ramm from “Torsdagskveld fra Nydalen» nag on the fiddle-Jack Alexander Rybak.

How many girls have آپ actually “said hi to”?
- It is not few enough that I can keep the count, and there are not many enough that it might be fun to keep counting.

You’ve done all that an artist should not do in the media. Why?
- I was overwhelmed سے طرف کی the fact that people liked me, but eventually it was مزید important to be understood than to be popular.

But people still not understand...
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"It does not help to try to warm themselves with فر, سمور when they are cold towards other living beings" says the artist Alexander Rybak.

مزید and مزید people want to دکھائیں their opposition to فر, سمور farming, and it is also well-known artists and cultural profiles. NOAH's campaign has now gathered support from 150 artists, actors, sports sections, fashion sections, writers, comedians, etc. Several of them also make the appeal in NOAH Torchlight against فر, سمور 12 november. November.

- NOAH is very pleased that the opposition to فر, سمور farming is growing stronger every year. It means a lot that پروفائل individuals choose to take a stand against fur, and do not دکھائیں up in فر, سمور products, but make an effort to combat animal cruelty, says manager and veterinarian in NOAH - for animal rights, Siri Martinsen.
Alexander Rybak plays on two fronts

Norwegian handsome fiddler manages everything: he shoots the video clip, tours through Europe with concert, participates to the talent shows … even to two shows simultaneously: Swedish دکھائیں “Let’s Dance” and Ukrainian دکھائیں “Zirka+zirka-2″ [" Singing with the stars"].

My dance partner is always with me

- Sasha, have آپ immediately agreed to participate to the دکھائیں “Let’s Dance”?
- I hesitated a bit Before confirming. When I was a teenager I danced a little in the styles, which were مقبول in the 90’s. Some ویڈیوز can even be found on YouTube....
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Alexander Rybak is a new سٹار, ستارہ coming on Earth!He's perfect!He's so handsome and that is what FIRST girls see on him!But then when آپ watch him for a while آپ see a cute,down-earthed boy, so funny with his family,with his friends, with his fans!He's cool and he isn't self-centered and آپ don't need to know him for understand this!!!
He is a talent!He writes beutiful songs which have something to say to the people!When his play his violin and sing fairytail he's like he leaves from earth!He's like he comes slowly out from a fairytail!!!!!!!!!!!    
Jeg elsker ham!!I love him! He's the perfect boy who came in our lives the perfect moment!