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posted by Tripenguinman
Ah, the master of horror out did himself this time. The horror-filled tale of how every دن animals turn against us and kill us. Based on the short story that rocked the horror age, this masterpiece is without flaw. But there were several flaws in production. Let's take a closer look shall we? When Tippi Hendren, known as Mrs. Daniels, was attack in the attic of the house, she suffered actually pain from this event, because the bird handlers tied the birds to her to simulate them attacking her. This did not go as planned and she was hurt سے طرف کی the birds and spent a week یا two out of acting.

Fred the chicken farmer, یا as man who had his eyes pecked out does anyone know what they used for blood coming out of his eyes? It was only syrup. They had several mishaps with the birds but the مجموعی طور پر movie went quite well. And so Hitchcock created another work of art.