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FACT : Saga lived in Fukushima but moved to Tokyo when he was in kindergarten.

FACT : Saga only continued high school because LUNA SEA graduated high school.

FACT : When Saga formed a band in high school, he played the guitar.

FACT : When Saga was little, he could sit and watch the snow fall for hours.

FACT : Shou does not drink when he's on tour. When he's not, he usually drinks and he's like "Yay~~~"

FACT:Nao got left behind 2 times on a tour when they stopped for gas.

Fact: Nao always has to use the bathroom at the wrong time, like before an interview.

FACT : Tora thinks that girls who restrict their men all the time, are irritating.

FACT : Saga's first تاریخ went bad. He took the girl to a punk کنسرٹ and the girl got pushed and jostled around.

FACT : When Saga was young, he practiced Judo with his father at home.

FACT : Saga was a very competitive child.

FACT : Shou likes to bully یا make fun of people. Like Hiroto.
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alice nine is so cool!why won't they come over to california and the whole U.S.A?it;s going to be like a tour,but around the U.S.A.^__^I wish one دن i can go to tokyo,'s so awwwsome!!!!!
if آپ could have two homes and live in japan and your ہوم that would be cool.*__*If آپ had a private airplane and is going to be a awsome life and آپ even get to meet them personal!!!!!!!!!!!^__^if آپ could have that somehow.i don't know how to begin it so i started ahead.if آپ could help somehow then please do it if آپ could!anyways آپ could maybe have that happen.
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