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posted by REDWolfleader
It was a horrible day.Dark skies,pouring rain,and my parents died. I headed west and came across Jasper. I was introduced as an Omega,although I did have a lot in common with the alphas.The first time i saw Humphrey was during winter.We log-sled,wolf-piled,and had snow ball fights.All the while he never stop talking about Kate.And when spring came around, I was on one of my daily walks and saw Humphrey looking at a very beautiful she-wolf I hadn't seen before.I went up and sat اگلے to Humphrey.
"You know her?"I asked watching her.
"That's Kate!"
"Wow, she's hot."
"I know."
A few منٹ later, I introduced my self to her.
"Hello.I'm Red.A great pleasure to meet you."
"Oh,why hello there,I'm Kate!"
"I was wondering...if آپ could teach me some basic; hunting,fighting and over-all survival skills."
"Sure I would be glad to! How about here? At 2100 hundred hours?"
"I'll be there!"
"Well see آپ later,then! سے طرف کی the way I love your enthusiasm!"
Later in the night I arrived there at 2030 hours and after a few منٹ Kate came,
"Your early!"
"That's how I roll!"
"Well then lets get started!"she کہا with a giggle.
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