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Humphrey came in to get his mate Kate for the the moonlight and found Eve smoking weed He کہا “Hey Eve” “Hey bastard!” replied Eve he walked right سے طرف کی and went to Kate’s room and walked in on her grooming her self he backed away quickly and waited out side and she came out looking 10x hotter than she had the first time she and him had gone to the moonlight howl together they walked up towards the howling rock and Saltey spoted kate and کہا “Kate is hot” And ارے did not know she heard him she kicked him in the face and کہا “Perv!” and they got to the سب, سب سے اوپر it was beautiful up there they could see there ماند, خلوت خانہ from there. But then it started and the couples began to howl and they were last but not least and they finished and kate went ہوم early to get ready but Humphrey stayed for the party and he came ہوم after and she کہا in a seductive tone “Hey Humphrey” Humphrey کہا “hey Kate آپ ready” in an excited tone “Humphrey im so turned on and want it so bad I cant wait any more” replied in a turned on tone he کہا “Ya then let do this” “Humphrey can آپ go lay on your back in bed?” “ yes anything for my wife” what an odd request thought Humphrey and he just lay there then kate came in and climbed him and put him in her she growled playfully and Humphrey and her just sat there for a few moments and then started it and it was the سیکنڈ time him and Kate had mated but he was starting to ejaculate and he was a a hot load and Kate was doing the work and she was enjoying it and Humphrey was to it was a good experience and they were having fun in there ماند, خلوت خانہ until a neighbor reported them Humphrey stoped for a moment got the door it was there land lord and he کہا "screw you" and slammed the door in his and went back to Kate and they got it on then in the morning…to be continued In part2.
(March 25, 2011)
(Sorry this is such a short chapter. The اگلے one is going to be far longer. BTW, the romance starts soon enough.)

3 days after that fateful flight where Scar and I became one, I decided to ask her to اقدام in with me. I had been arguing with myself the whole three days about it and I couldn't get her out of my mind.
"Hey, babe."
"What's up, Colby?" she said.
"I've got some good news," I کہا happily.
"You're not coming up here, are you?" she said, sounding a bit worried. Her تبصرہ was surprising.
"I wasn't planning to til later, why?" I کہا slowly.
"Oh whew," she said. "I just...
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Yes this is based on Fast and the Furious

Humphrey was making plans on the اگلے highjack of a truck. Kate wondered what he was doing.
“Umm, Humphrey, what are آپ doing?”
“I want to recover the car business.”
“We don’t have Cando though.”
“So? We got Shakey, Salty, and Mooch.”
Kate sighed, “Are they any good?”
“They’re amazing at this!”
“Alright fine.”
“Thanks Kate!”
They got the Armada with Hutch and Mooch. On a back road, they saw something illegal. There was a truck double trailered.
“Mooch! Get ready to jump!”
“Got it!”
Humphrey pulled up in front...
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