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continuing the coversation between kate and humphery in the empty den."yes humphery I have what آپ have"."why did آپ never tell me"."why didnt آپ tell me".kate said."the اگلے thing that happened they both just fell on the ground and were out cold, no one nows how. When they woke up they were in some kind of ritual, there were about 120 animals around them and some guy was speaking in german: ra-tha-ra-tha-raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! every animal there started yelling. Humphery and kate started to fell wired in there bodies. then kate's eyes started to change color to black. she then collasped onto the ground, humphery then started to run to kate but some kind of fource made humphery fly a few feet away. Kate started to speak in german then started to sit up. She then started saying ra-tha-ra-tha and when they got to the raa kates body changed into the werewolf for ever
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Chapter 6: Back to Normal
**Authors Note- ارے guys I just want to let آپ know that this will be the last chapter that we will see Hutch participating in alpha school. After this we will skip آگے a few months to his graduation دن and first دن as an alpha. Hope آپ enjoy it**
    "So, how did it go," Eve asked as Winston walked into the den.
    "Not very well, I'm afraid Tony is still stuck on the combining of the packs," Winston sighed as he sat down اگلے to his mate.
    "I refuse to force my daughter to marry someone," Eve growled....
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" Who are you" I growled.

" An old friend" he کہا a black بھیڑیا a friend hah! The Frist

lesson I learned was never trust a black بھیڑیا I once trusted a

black بھیڑیا and his name was Ben and he went to شامل میں some big

Southern Pack and abandoned me سے طرف کی myself. This might be

Ben the بھیڑیا I hate to the ends of the earth. This is horrible what

does he want he's hurt me مزید than that can heal. I decided to

say " Ben is that you?" I کہا it with a snarl.

" Of course Ayra who else would it be" Ben snickered.

" What are آپ doing here? Aren't آپ with a pack?" I growled .

" Yes, but I wanted to visit my old...
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Five weeks had passed since Connor joined the traveling pack.The Alphas of Ezios pack had decided to set up a place to live as they waited for something,and Connor found it suspicious because he would see a figure standing on a cliff just above,he also saw the same figure talking to the Alphas of the pack,and weird markings,and at least 7 dissappearances over the five weeks they stayed.Connor and Ezio were talking about what would be waiting in Jasper when the reach it in a دن یا two.It was still night when the pack stopped for something,it turns out it was another pack going to Jasper also."Connor,do...
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the eagle watched looking for movement, when he seen it, a fish! the eagle swooped down to catch his prey when, Arley! come and get ready for school! but mom! no buts آپ best come right over here! fine! Arley flew over to his mother, mom i was about to catch the biggest مچھلی i have ever seen! oh Arley stop going on about your little hunts they are just gibberish now go to school! Arley flew off towards the large mountain that was his school. Arley had lived in Areville since he could remember 18 years atleast which was his whole life. his family was well how do آپ say it the boss of the town....
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Note: This is not made up, and I Am NOT FUCKING with آپ people!

Lilly: located In Boston Massachusetts on 12/4/11
How she was located:
Yesterday when I was in Boston, Massachussetts I was in a huge building with like a hundred different resterants all smushed togeather. It was soo crowded... then I saw a dog. IT was... it looked to be... Lilly in real life! I was about to pet her but a sample man hollered to me to try a sample so i glanced at him, then back at Lilly and she was faaarrrr away! Damm I should have taken a pic of her.
She was found only on that تاریخ سے طرف کی my knowledge
*Author’s note this take place a دن after the last part*
~Monday~ Birds were chirping peacefully yet another beautiful morning. But Kate could still not forget that here parents had died the night before and she had seen it coming. She walks out of the ماند, خلوت خانہ and hops in her car and drives to her sister’s house where she finds garth puzzled then she sees Lilly in a car was her head stuck in the electric sun roof of her car and heading towards the roof roller and she die her head getting shredded سے طرف کی it. She snaps out of it and say “garth we need to get to the car was now “
Him and her...
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The دن of the festival had finally loomed over the valley and heavy metal was in the air. lots of wolves all over the place were making last ditch attempts to get some practise in, nerves reaped at their souls but none so much so as Humphrey. Although he knew of his good vocal chords he was afraid of the outcome if the words didn't come out یا he forgot them. He was afraid he would be left cold and alone, embarrassed on a stage in front of a lot of wolves, their eyes burning scars into his skin. Kate could sense this and knew she had to do something.

Kate: Everything O.K Humphrey?

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I laid in my ماند, خلوت خانہ for an گھنٹہ یا two... then I heard Kaila calling to me. I ran to her parents ماند, خلوت خانہ and went inside...
"Surprise!" all of the wolves کہا scaring the hell out of me."Happy birthday, Elijah!" They all said.I looked at Kaila,
"H-How did آپ know?"
"Well..."Kaila started to say,shifting her light body from side to side,"I saw آپ weren't as happy today and wondered why... so I asked around."
"Thank آپ very much!" I کہا looking at my paws,"No-one's ever thrown me a Birth-day Party."
"Hey Elijah?"
"The moonlight howl is tonight... and I was wondering if you'd like to be my howl partner."...
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Early Saturday morning Humphrey was getting ready to preform in front Of this huge crowd of some say 300,000 Wolves and he was a nervous wreck then he saw Kate's face in the crowd and it was like the whole crowd dissapeared except her and Humphrey felt much مزید confident.

Humphrey was signaled سے طرف کی his band that they were ready and he began to play the گٹار [This song belongs to Metallica the song is One]

Humphrey: I can't remember anything
can't tell if this is true یا dream
deep down inside I feel to scream
this terrible silence stops me

now that the war is through with me
I'm waking up,...
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!!!WARNING!!!WARNING!!! Extreme Sexual Content Is Described In This Chapter!!!YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

"And آپ want me to be your mate?" I asked surprised,
"Yes. Is that okay?"
"Yes,yah, that's okay with me." I کہا happily.
"Well lets go then don't want to be late!" I followed at her side, "Here it is!I'm exited how about you?"she exclaimed,
"I'm so exited I can't wait." I کہا nervously, I've howled before but I wasn't at company.
"Ready?" She asked,
"I-I guess so," I smiled, Kelley hasn't heard me howl before, and she was nervous too. I closed my eyes and pretended I was alone, and howled like...
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"oh win it's our 20th anniversery I feel so old tell me something to make me feel good about myself." کہا eve sighing. Winston thought for a long time. "uh آپ have good eyesight dear." eve glared. "I'll go invite our friends." کہا Winston trying to change the subject. he ran over to the phone and called Tony , Garth and Lilly and their pups and Kate and Humphrey and their pups. " ارے Tony want to come over for supper?" asked winston. " oh and don't judge us just because we drink beer." "I'll judge آپ if آپ don't give me some." کہا Tony. he invited everyone over. that night eve started...
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Cando was laying in extreme pain. Out of nowhere, his body started shaking. He was having a seizure! The nurse came in to see Cando suffering a seizure.
“Doctors! Come quick! It’s an emergency!”
The doctors came in with medical equipment. The seizure stopped, but now they had to put him in the highest life support level. There wasn’t a high chance that he will live.
Humphrey was happy as he got love from Kate. This cheered him up from the thought of Cando and that Omega he hit. However, he didn’t know the condition Cando was in.
“Whoo! Man, I feel so much better!”
“I’m glad...
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Well, I hope آپ enjoyed your 24 گھنٹہ cliffhanger. Now here's the اگلے two chapters for your troubles. Enjoy.

Chapter Five: Hunter Attack

When Humphrey and Kate arrived at Lilly and Garth's den, they could already tell what had happened. "Oh no." Kate cried as she saw Garth stood over the body of Kate's younger sister Lilly, who was unconscious. The side of Lilly's body, normally covered with snow-white فر, سمور had been dyed red with blood. Garth saw Kate approaching. "Is she dead?" Kate asked, looking extremely concerned.

"No." Garth replied. "She hasn't been hit anywhere serious, the bullet cut...
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