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posted by justinbieber57
 Superstar Amanda Bynes decides it's over.
Superstar Amanda Bynes decides it's over.
Superstar Amanda Bynes finally says it's over. Amanda recently wrote in a tweet that acting just isn't fun anymore. Bynes کہا "After a while when I don't like things, I quit, and I don't like acting." Amanda also کہا that she wrote a letter to her dad saying, "I know 24 is a young age to retire and let go but, thanks for your words of wisdom." Amanda states "Acting isn't as fun as it seems." Bynes concluded her tweets with her final feelings on retiring, saying: “I’ve never written the فلمیں & tv shows I’ve been a part of. I’ve only acted like the characters the producers یا directors wanted me to play.”

All of the Amanda Bynes شائقین who are mad, comment!!!!!!!!
 Bynes talks retirement.
Bynes talks retirement.
posted by bigdog101
I love Amanda Bynes! The First time I saw her was on the Amanda show. She was funny, preety and مزید funny. Then I saw alot of the فلمیں she made including:Big Fat Liar-Hairspary-Shes a Man- What a Girl Wants-Robots-Sydeney White-Living proff and much much more. Shes been in T.V shows like What I like About You. Just the name Amanda makes me think of her. I love Amanda!!! She is still just an avarge american girl but she is the best. I wish she could meet us شائقین and understand how much we love her.