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 Morganville: The Series
Morganville: The Series
Rachel Caine, مصنف of the #1 internationally bestselling Morganville Vampires young adult novels, announced that in partnership with Blake Calhoun (Loud Pictures) she plans to develop her hit series as a high quality web TV show.

The partners will fund the production of the show's first season through Kickstarter. "We believe that the huge international following for the series of novels, as well as شائقین of Blake Calhoun's award-winning web series, give us the best possible chance to see this property come to life," کہا Caine.

The Kickstarter includes such innovative rewards as virtual guest spots, signed sets of novels سے طرف کی both Rachel Caine and Amber Benson, and special, limited edition headshots of Amber in makeup and costume as Amelie, the vampire founder of Morganville.

The Kickstarter runs from June 12 to July 11, 2013.


Website: link
 Morganville: The Series Banner
Morganville: The Series Banner
Amber's lastest project is a 14 webisode Web series called "MARIE'S ZERO GRAVITY BAR AND GRILL."
Imagine if آپ will...

You're fifty light years from earth, with no way ہوم and with no one to talk to except a cheeky computer. What would آپ do?
Answer: Open an intergalactic Bar & Grill.
And that's just what Marie Davis did.
Marie is thrust into a world completely and literally alien from her own. With no one to rely on, she makes the best of her situation and using her own inner strength and intelligence carves out a life for herself on her own terms.
Marie's Zero Gravity Bar & Grill is a sometimes funny sometimes serious re-examination of a "Stranger in a Strange Land" as seen through the eyes of Douglas Adams with a little Firefly & Red Dwarf thrown in for good measure.

Amber is starring as Marie and Jonathan Woodward from Angel and Firefly is her co star.
آپ can find out مزید about the project at link