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Be the first to own a dollhouse scaled to fit American Girl and other dolls up to 18”.
At Last! A custom made Dollhouse, made especially for 18” Dolls such as American Girl, Corolle, Gotz, and Madame Alexander. Your daughter یا granddaughter will become the envy of all her دوستوں with this first to be produced Traditional style Dollhouse made especially to fit 18” dolls and comes with a built in storage armoire کے, ہینگر for all her clothes, shoes, کتابیں and accessories.

This is an heirloom grade Dollhouse, made سے طرف کی Custom Cabinet Center in St. Augustine Florida in co-operation with Dollhouse Depot...
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Create your own GOTY in comments!
Mine (example):
Name: Hadley Robinson
Age: 10
Story: A hurricane hit Hadley's house. Most of her پسندیدہ things are gone. She has to work for a living. Its not easy because her father's work place is gone. She doesn't starve because she still has a little bit of money. But Hadley's wonderful singing voice saved her whole family and others.
Family: John Robinson (Dad), Katherine Robinson (Mom), August Robinson (sister).
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ارے everyone! What's up?
Lately, I've been doing a lot of research on Girl of the سال (GOTY) 2011.
Last month, I discovered her name is Kanani.
Over the past three یا four days, I've found a lot of information from a lot of sites. Just google it.
Now, here's what I've found.
Her name is Kanani Akina. She's Hawaiin (I don't think I spelled that right), she's believed to have بادام shaped hazel/brown eyes. Her hair will be a deep brown, and it will have natural goldish blonde streaks from being in the sun so much. Her skin is a little dark, and probably some of that is a tan. Her cousin Rachel comes...
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posted by ravenclaweagle
American Girl has decided to retire Kirsten, one of my all time پسندیدہ American Girls. As a former American Girl obsessive, I'm very disappointed about this. My little sister (current American Girl obsessive) cried when I told her. I started an online petition to try and have AG to change their minds about this.

I can't help but think that this is to make money. People will flock to buy Kirsten and her accessories and outfits. Honestly, I was looking آگے to a Kirsten movie. But no. They're making Julie. One of the newest. Kirsten is one of the originals. Just پار, صلیب your fingers Felicity (and Elizabeth) یا Molly won't be next. یا any of them for that matter.

Look online. Kirsten will be missed. I've seen at a few youtube ویڈیوز saluting her, and I saw another petition today. Please sign the petition and help!

مزید about this in the petition.

posted by goddessoflife
ارے everyone!
So, as a lot of آپ have probably heard, Felicity is being archived. What does "archived" mean? Well, it means that the doll is not gone forever, and will return sometime in the future. So, that means Samantha and Kirsten will be back sometime, too.
I still can't believe it's Felicity and not Molly! Molly was one of the original three American Girl Dolls, also known as Pleasant Company Dolls. Pleasant Company owned American Girl before AG bought it and took over. So, you've probably guessed that Kirsten and Samantha were part of the original three. (Sort of reminds me of Greek Mythology,...
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posted by AmericanGirl101
there is a new American girl who is coming out she is the girl of the سال 2014 this is some true real information on her she is a ballerina she goes to a special school and is always comparing her self to her older sister who is also a ballerina and that is all I know I do not know her name but I know she's real she has red hair green eyes and she is very pretty...
and im sorry but for now that's all I goodbye and تبصرہ if آپ know any مزید info on her I would like to know and also tell me your پسندیدہ American girl and what girl of the year(s)you have so.... I guess that's all I have to say today and I'm also new at this website just information آپ might want to know and yes I know this isn't the best news رپورٹ but I guess it will have to do any way I actauley mean bye this time ok BYE!!:)
Hello! If you're reading this, please keep on reading it.
There's a new Historical Character AG doll on the way to every store in the U.S. of American Girl. Her name is Caroline Abbott. Caroline's setting and background is in the سال of 1812 in an old country with many farmhouses. Caroline lives with her family- her mother, her father, her grandparents, and sister Annie (She has never been introduced.)
Caroline's life is becoming difficult because she has to work at a young age, sew her own clothing, and help her mother...
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posted by November99
I got a call from my cousin (who works at AG), confirmed it with CS, and saw it on a bunch of message boards.

Felicity & ELizabeth are hoping on the Samantha train into the archives.

I'm going to write a poem about Lissie because it says to make my مضمون longer and I refuse to post in the فورم because no one will see.

Lissie loves horses
And hates wearing stays
She doesn't drink tea
And loves little cakes

She plays the guitar
A happy tune
While her friend plays the fife
Another the drum

She's a patriot at heart
Wants her country free
Now she's going away
To the land of unknown

All that I know
Is we'll miss آپ Lissie!