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posted by girly_girl
Family, Daughter of Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top

Occupation, Specialist in forensic facial reconstruction with the use of the lab’s 3-d graphics and computer simulation system

Relationships, she was married in fire-water-influenced ceremony in Fiji, has a serious boyfriend for 5 years who died and is currenlty seeing Hodgins


Angela Montenegro is not one of the "geeks". An artist, free spirit and "wild-child" at heart, she is the team's specialist in forensic facial reconstruction. She is the center of life and passion in the team, although not quite of normality and stability.

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posted by hodlover
My opinion about Angela and Hodgins is that they should be together. There my faviorte couple on the series. If anyone on the دکھائیں should be a couple it's them. They both like each other but keep denying it and hiding there feelings. They should get married and have kids. Come on آپ know it to. Just the way they act when there together hiding there feelings from one another.The way there chemistry starts boiling over the ceder. With there compassion and his gorgeous eyes its hard to resist the show. I think michaela and t.j. is amazing actors portraying these porstegouis roles. Hodgins comes...
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