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A long time پہلے in a galaxy far, far away a bird chirped and forever shifted the balance of the force. Are آپ prepared for what could be the biggest thing since the invention of the light saber?

It’s Official! New Info Emerges from the Dark Side

That didn’t take long! Looks like Fast Company will get the exclusive sneak peek at the forthcoming “Angry Birds سٹار, ستارہ Wars” game, which will include a huge line up of licensed products. The most notable nugget is that Angry Birds سٹار, ستارہ Wars will “hit devices” on October 28th (though there is some debate on that). That’s right! It’s a native...
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Nokia and Rovio have teamed up to offer exclusive Angry Birds content to some Nokia smartphone owners. With the upcoming launch of Nokia’s two flagship smartphones — the Lumia 920 and 820 — they are offering a new companion app called, “Angry Birds Roost”. Angry Birds Roost will be available exclusively on the 920 and 820 for 3-months. After that, we presume it will become available on other Windows-powered Nokia smartphones. It remains to be seen what happens after that.

Angry Birds Roost is a type of hub, which will include to:

Ability to purchase and launch individual Angry Birds...
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 Angry Birds World Traveller
Angry Birds World Traveller
We all have been wondering what the future holds for Angry Birds. While we all would like to see the original app and Seasons continuing onward, it seems -– یا it was at least the initial plan -– that Rio would end in November (-ish). So, if Rovio chooses to close out Rio سے طرف کی year’s end, what would happen after that?

Well, everyone has been talking about an “Angry Birds 2: Revenge of the Pigs” -– an app where the pigs retaliate against the birds. While I may be biased (I’m a پرستار of the birds, not the pigs) I think this app is rather limited. Basically, what special abilities can...
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Out of all the real-world ways I’ve seen Angry Birds controlled / played — and there have been many — the “Super Angry Birds” controller is hands down the most elegant to date. It’s just so darn pretty! While it will never replace a tap یا a mouse, it could actually be quite fun to play this way. Now the real سوال is: how can I get one? Hats off to Hideaki Matsui and Andrew سے spitz, سپاٹز — the creators of this awesome controller.

If you’re curious as to how this works, below is the info from the YouTube page:

“Super Angry Birds” is a force feedback USB controller for Angry Birds...
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 Angry Birds Season Winter Wonderham Main Screen
Angry Birds Season Winter Wonderham Main Screen
Happy Holidays, to one and to all. Welcome the Winter and say goodbye to the Fall. Be merry and happy, whatever the reasons. But do not miss this update to Seasons!

That’s right, the Winter Wonderham update to Angry Birds Seasons (v3.1.0) is now available for iOS, PC, NOOK Color, and Android via Google Play and the ایمیزون Appstore. مزید platforms will be getting the update very soon. We were the first to کریں تصدیق this update, posting some GameCenter imagery about two weeks پہلے and exclusive Rovio-official details yesterday. This is Rovio’s third episode to celebrate the Christmas and holiday...
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We announced back in July that Angry Birds Trilogy was coming to major gaming consoles, and the wait is now over! That’s right, آپ can now fling birds on the big screen if آپ have XBox 360, PlayStation 3, یا (on the slightly-smaller) Nintendo 3DS. The release is slightly overshadowed سے طرف کی the upcoming release of Bad Piggies, but it is still big news. There is a trailer coming soon, and مزید can be found info at, including لنکس to purchase.

Here’s what we know immediately:

This is a single gaming کارتوس, ٹونٹا that contains the majority of levels from the original Angry...
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Alright, details are sparse at the moment, but Rovio is definitely planning something. Sometime during the night the Pigs formed themselves a union and decided they needed to go public (you can see their press release below). In addition to the press release, those portly pigs have launched their own Facebook and Twitter accounts. So what’s going on? My guess is this will eventually end up with a brand new game, but that’s just me. Whatcha thinkin?! Yu likez? Share your insightful thoughts and opinions below.

Here is copy from the official press release from the, “King Pig Office” on “Piggy Island”:

Today – Piggy island

We haz Facebook and twitter
Yu no like?
We has new
Gotta go
moar later
k thanks bye

About Pigs
Pigs are awesome. Birds stink. OINK OINK! 4 مزید info check out
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Squawk! Oink! Another day, another exclusive look at Bad Piggies. This time X-Play sits down (literally) with Rovio’s own Andrew Stalbow. This exclusive sneak peek comes on the heels of the amazing Bad Piggies Gameplay Trailer we saw on Monday. The difference? Well, this one reveals quite a bit مزید info, including some of the bacon-bits we thrive on.
What we know now!

The Game: The slingshot is replaced سے طرف کی your imagination and engineering prowess! Start the level سے طرف کی building an effective vehicle یا contraption using the supplies on hand. The goal is simple: carry the Pigs from the start of...
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