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5. Opal

To be honest I'm not a huge Opal پرستار however I don think she's a pretty girl. She's only at 5 though because I think she's مزید cute than pretty. I think her eyes are really pretty, a nice shade of green. And I love her hair, I like short hair.

4. Eska

Much like I کہا in my سب, سب سے اوپر 5 prettiest Avatar girls; I have a thing for the darker مزید Gothic look. I love Eska's eyes, they are a very pretty shade of blue. I also love her blue makeup, blue is a great color. :3 Believe it یا not I actually do really like how her makeup is styled in the above image, even though it's the product...
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Avatar Aang was raised سے طرف کی monks, although the identity of his real parents was unknown. Being raised سے طرف کی monk Aang was taught about life and to respect it, the ways of the monks are ways of peace and meditation, Aang was already a master airbender before he found out he was the avatar, he learnt and mastered all four elements سے طرف کی the end of the summer. And all his masters were part of Team avatar(katara, toph, zuko). And he was just a kid. Monks are also spiritual people thats why it didn't take Aang along time to master going into the spirit world.
Well in Avatar Korra's case she mastered three...
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