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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Use this 6-sided dice to play:

Part 1. Your name is (NAME) and آپ are a fifteen-year-old freshman in high school. You, your parents, and your twelve-year-old brother are going ہوم after going out to eat on a Sunday night. It's snowing and the car slips on a patch of black ice and swerves off the road. Your mom dies at the scene, your dad dies in surgery, and your brother is brain dead for a week before finally dying. آپ survive with a concussion, broken arm, cracked ribs, and internal bleeding.
What were your parents' names?
first & middle names from link
What was your little brother's...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Your name is (1)______ ______ ______ (first, middle(s) and last, doesn’t have to be real), آپ are twenty-five years old and آپ work as a (choose from options below): 2
(A) illustrator / cartoonist / artist
(B) teacher / professor
(C) accountant / banker
(D) مصنف / novelist
(E) musician / singer
(F) hospital intern / medical student
[Feel free to elaborate on the career آپ choose, ie: what subject آپ teach, instrument آپ play, field of medicine آپ study, etc]

You are at the hospital one afternoon visiting your good friend who just gave birth to her first child. After meeting the adorable little...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Your name is (1)______ ______ (first and last name- doesn’t have to be your own), آپ are twenty-two and have just moved to an apartment New York City. While taking boxes from the moving truck to your new place, your clumsiness seems to be in full form and آپ stumble, dropping a box of your clothes onto the sidewalk. Horrified, آپ scramble to get them back inside before someone tramples them یا the wind takes them away. آپ are silently remarking on the irony that this should happen on your first دن in a new city, when someone taps آپ on the shoulder and آپ turn to see a very handsome...
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Two months after (DAUGHTER) is born, tragedy strikes. (BOYFRIEND) is killed on his mission. آپ are devastated, and so is the entire agency. They elect آپ as the new leader, but آپ can’t take the honor. آپ give it to (FRIEND) and fill her spot. She has been part of the company for 7 years, while you’ve been there for a year. (FRIEND) is surprised and delighted.

Three months later, (AGENCY) has recently added a new member. His name is (HIS NAME). He is one of the best spies to ever leave a government agency. آپ remember admiring his work as a young agent. آپ meet with him and immediately...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Your name is: (1) ______ ______ ______ (first, middle, last, doesn’t have to be real), آپ are twenty-four years old and آپ marry the man of your dreams, (2)______ ______ ______ (first, middle, last and – again – doesn’t have to be real). آپ have a beautiful wedding in (3)______ (city, country, etc) and go on your honeymoon to (4)______.

When آپ get back, the two of آپ decide to اقدام out of your cramped little apartment to a bigger house, so آپ can start a family. آپ اقدام to (5)______. (Optional: add a picture of the house!)

Six months later, آپ find out that you’re pregnant!...
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posted by trisha1
Today at Whole Foods there was a baby with blond hair in a baby نشست dancing until I کہا "Hi" to him and the Mom کہا to him "Say hi" and he didn't say anything and then the Mom asked him to give me a high five and I put my hand up and he didn't do anything and the Mom put his fist on my hand.
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Use this dice to play: link

Your name is (NAME) and آپ are the 18-year-old mother of two daughters and a high school dropout. آپ had your first daughter when آپ were 15 and your ex-boyfriend, (HIS NAME), refused to take any responsibility for her. He was later shipped off to military school سے طرف کی his parents and no one has heard from him since. Your سیکنڈ daughter's father, (HIS NAME), was much nicer to آپ and wanted to help out, but was killed in a drunk driving accident. آپ had your سیکنڈ daughter not long after آپ turned 17.

What are your daughters' names? Roll the dice
1 یا 2: First &...
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DICE: link
LN: (Favorite Celebrity's Last Name)
SO: (Favorite Celebrity)
YOU: (Your name)

Roll the dice, whatever number آپ get is how many birth آپ will have. Follow them below.

Birth #1 (roll)
1- DD
2- DS
3- DD
4- DS
5- DD
6- DS
7- DD
8- DS/DS

FN: پسندیدہ Name
MN: Has something to do with your SO's career (character names, song names, co-star names etc)

Birth #2
1- DS
2- DD
3- DS
4- DD
5- DS
6- DD
7- DS
8- DD/DD

FN: link (type your name, your SO name and your first child's name, آپ can try twice)
MN: link

Birth #3
1- DD
2- DD
3- DD
4- DD
5- DS
6- DS
7- DS
8- DS/DD

FN: آپ Pick
MN: link

Birth #4
1- DS
2- DS
3- DS
4- DS
5- DD
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Use the six-sided dice to play

Your name: (your choice)

Age. Roll the dice
1. 19
2. 20
3. 21
4. 22
5. 23
6. 24

Where did آپ grow up? (your choice)

Your parents/guardians. Roll the dice
1. Mom & Dad
2. Single mom
3. Single dad
4. Grandparents
5. Aunt & uncle
6. Foster parents
What are their names?

Your siblings. Roll the dice
1. A brother & a sister
2. 1 brother
3. 1 sister
4. 2 brothers
5. 2 sisters
6. Only child
What are their names?

Where are آپ going to college? (your choice)

What are آپ majoring in? (your choice)

What are آپ aspiring to become? (your choice)

DH's name: (your choice)

His age. Roll...
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Ok..I noticed that there weren't a lot of مضامین here, so I decided to add one. I found this webpage a few منٹ ago, and it was actually a bit interesting. So I decided to post this webpage here, in case there were any expecting mothers here who are curious about whether they were having a son یا a daughter. This is for them, and anyone else here of course :)

When it comes to guessing your unborn baby's sex, myths abound, but there are a few ways to know for sure.

By Colette Bouchez
WebMD Feature

Reviewed سے طرف کی Cynthia Haines

From almost the moment a woman discovers she's pregnant, the guessing...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
1. آپ are twenty years old and the man آپ have dated since آپ were thirteen proposes! His name is …………… ……………

2. آپ get married but decide آپ need a fresh start so آپ اقدام to …………….

3. Life is good! آپ made new دوستوں and are fitting in well. To make things even better آپ find out your pregnant with a girl! Her first name is your favourite girls name and middle is her birth stone her name is …………… ……………

4. آپ get a call from your sister telling آپ that your grandmother has sadly passed away. She adopted a four سال old boy so آپ decide...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
First Birth
If آپ were born on the…
1-7: B
8-15: G
16-23: B
24-32: G

Girl FN: Must Start With the same letter as your middle name.
Girl MN: Must me exactly six letters long.

Boy FN: Must start with the same letter as the dad’s first name, but it cannot be the same.
Boy MN: Must start with the same letter as the mom’s first name, but it cannot be the same.

Second Birth
A perfect vacation would be…
The beach- B/B
New York- G
The mountains- B
Anywhere in Europe- G/G
Disneyland- G/G/G/B

Girl 1 FN: Must start with S.
Girl 1 MN: Must be the name of a stone. (Ex: Pearl, Sapphire, Jade, Ruby)

Girl 2 FN: Must...
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Use this dice to play: link

You and (DH) have been married for well over a سال when آپ decide the house is too big for just the two of you. (ROLL THE DICE) months later, آپ get pregnant with boy/girl twins. The boy's middle name honors DH's uncle and the girl's middle name honors your grandmother.

What are the baby's first names?
1: link
2: link
3: link
4: link
5: link
6: link
Twin's names:

After the twins, آپ and DH have three مزید children. آپ also adopt as a way of expanding your family and helping a child in need of love and care.

Child #3
How many years pass after the twins are born?
1 یا 2: two...
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Use this 10-sided dice to play:


Your name: (your choice)

What do آپ do for a living? (your choice)

How did آپ meet DH? Roll the dice
1. Through a mutual friend
2. At college
3. Through a family member
4. On a blind date
5. At a wedding
6. At the park
7. At the beach
8. Through your job
9. At a party
10. At a restaurant

How old were آپ when آپ married DH? Roll the dice
1. 22
2. 23
3. 24
4. 25
5. 24
6. 25
7. 26
8. 27
9. 28
10. 29

Your husband:

His name: (your choice)

What does he do for a living? (your choice)

How did DH propose? Roll the dice
1. He wrote "Marry Me?" on your birthday cake
2. While walking on...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Find the name that corresponds with your تاریخ of birth (month = first name, دن = middle name) and name your two hypothetical children – one boy, one girl. Or, if آپ already have children, آپ can use their own birthdays to ‘rename’ them. None of the first names are in the SSA’s سب, سب سے اوپر 1000 names in the US for 2010, but the middle names all come from the سب, سب سے اوپر 100. Have fun!


First Name:

January = Philippa
February = Seraphina
March = Georgiana
April = Elodie
May = Imogen
June = Margaux
July = Freya
August = Cecily
September = Anneliese
October = Rosaline
November = Emmeline
December = Louisa

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posted by trisha1
On March 31 when it was dark and me and my family left from the Superman vs. Batman showing, when we were in the lobby I saw a guy who got tickets so his baby who's bald-ish could see Zootopia.
Use this dice to play: link

You are now 23 years old and have graduated from college with a degree in (SUBJECT). آپ still live with your grandmother, (HER NAME), in (CITY), and have built up a career as a (CAREER). آپ also followed in your grandmother's footsteps and became an philanthropist. The charities آپ stand behind mostly are helping one-part families, foster kids, and treating alcoholism.

You and your grandmother are hosting a charity gala represented سے طرف کی your grandmother's firm, (FIRM NAME), at your estate. While you're mingling with your best friend from college, (HER NAME), and one...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Your name is (1)______ ______ ______ (first, middle, last, doesn’t have to be real) and are 22 in college. آپ fall in love with your professor, (2)______ ______ ______ (first, middle, last, again doesn’t have to be real) who is 27. About a سال and a half later, آپ get married in (3)______. On your honeymoon in (4)______ (European country) آپ end up pregnant with triplets. Three girls. Their names all have something to do with flowers, whether it’s their first یا middle name. Their names are (5)______ ______, ______ ______ and ______ ______.

2 years later, آپ miss having a baby, well...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Your name is (1)______ ______ (first and last- doesn’t have to be your own) and آپ are eighteen years old. آپ have been with your boyfriend, (2)______ ______, since آپ were sixteen and shortly after your two-year anniversary آپ find out that آپ are pregnant. At first you’re terrified, but your parents say that they will support whatever decision آپ and your boyfriend choose to make. Unfortunately, his parents aren’t so understanding and throw him out of the house, so he comes to live with آپ and your family. آپ know آپ want to finish school, so آپ stand your ground and brush...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
آپ and your husband (or wife, if آپ happen to be male) are living in blissful retirement in (1)______ (city, country, etc) and your five children have grown up and moved out.

Your first child was a girl, born in the middle of December. She was born with a little tuft of bright red hair, and grew up to be a fiery, short-tempered redhead. She is now 25 and works as a (2)______ (career). Since she was born near Christmas, her middle name has something to do with the holidays. Her first name can be whatever آپ like. Her name is (3)______ ______.


our سیکنڈ child was a boy, born one سال later....
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