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The tickly sun and
The wind that is blowing gently
Are fragrant Because of you
Your pretty lips
The feeling that you’re always looking at me
Just puts me in a good mood
So Because of you
Don’t leave my side
As long as I have آپ I think I can fly anywhere
I Fly high Yoo Hoo
Don’t be wary
Today is the last Babe
Tell me anywhere آپ want to go
No one but آپ will do
Before this night ends let’s leave the party
Yes Whenever I’m with you
The whole world shines on us and
It feels like everything has stopped
The whole world is beautiful
Because of you
Cause of آپ Cause of you
Just stay سے طرف کی my side follow me...
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Himchan کہا not only him, but all the B.A.P members has a secret love with someone.

Himchan کہا he can’t say who are those “girls”, but they call them سے طرف کی using a nickname … “Baby”

Yongguk was actually born in Incheon. Leejakdo was where he lived in briefly before when he was younger and he moved back to Incheon

Yongguk has had fun using Busan saturi lately, he’ll call Jongup like “Moon~Jong↘Up↗ee!”

Last year, Yongguk watched a movie called “World Invasion” with Himchan but he ended up with sleeping

Himchan older sis is taking too much interest in B.A.P. One time,she said....
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