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Can one person change the World?

Imagine آپ having all the abundance in the world, imagine آپ in charge of the flow of wellbeing, not just yours but even مزید - the whole humanity.
What is one person as individual representing in this world, what did Obama bring to this world, one man, he brought hope to humanity.
What can 1 person do, can آپ change the whole world یا at least one persons life?

How can 1 person help the other...
Check Out Obama Bracelet - Which is
A Symbol of Hope for Women In Kenya. آپ can
Buy The Bracelet for $20 and help them survive.
آپ can find مزید infor on site

This is one of the things one person can do.
I am grateful for all the great ideas and brilliance of people who bring good to humanity.

Have a great day,
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Cupid Obama
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video fun love dancing singing
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