Barbie فلمیں Rock N Royals Speculations

Kendall244 posted on May 30, 2015 at 01:26AM
I just wanted to lay out everything we know about Rock N Royals and also add in my two cents on the plot.

What we know:

Courtney (A Princess) was sent to a Rock camp while Erica (A Rockstar) was sent to a Royal camp.

The outfits they wear on the dolls and on the promotional art is from their final performance.

Raina is a Country Star

Zia is a Rock Star

Courtney and Erika have at least 2 songs

Courtney's First Song:

"All it takes is one big dream

You better find yourself in a song

When we're together it's meant to be---"

Courtney's Second Song:

"I wanna turn it up

Won't let you turn me down

Cause when we get together

We got a Rockin' sound

Don't need to follow it

Nobody understands

We make our own battles

I think you know the rest"

Erika's First song:

"Everybody wants to find out

Who they are for real

Looking for a way to show it

Tell you how I feel"

Erika's Second song:

"I've got the song

You've got the key

Before you i'll

Unlock your Dreams tonight

I'm showin' you what it means"

There is a song playing at the beginning of this video ( link ) if it is part of the movie, I suspect that it's either Courtney or Raina performing.

We know that the movie is produced by Owen Hurley, Who at the very least has produced Decent to Fantastic Barbie movies.

We also know that the music is produced by the Pitch Perfect Music team

My Speculations:

Each girl has been said to follow a musical genre

For Raina it's Country (Specifically Country Pop a la Taylor Swift)

Zia is a Rockstar

Erika seems to be leaning more toward R&B

Courtney is Clearly POP

A Prince may or may not have a decent role in the movie.

What are everyone else's speculations
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