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 Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess
It is a پیپر وال of Mariposa in the new movie coming soon 2013!
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This Barbie فلمیں تصویر might contain گلدستے, سے corsage, میں posy, nosegay, بکی, کورساج, گلدستہ, and نوسیگی.

Barbie سوان, ہنس Lake is nostalgic bliss. It has a very sweet and timeless nature that still makes it enjoyable to me over ten years later (even if the اندازی حرکت has dated slightly).

The mystical atmosphere in this movie is incredible and is سے طرف کی far my favourite aspect. Everything from the music, to the dancing, to the fairies and the Enchanted Forest is mysterious and interesting. Some of it is slightly weird (like Lila and the troll) but in a good way. Sure, some of the characters are strange but they are never unlikeable.

The characters also have their strengths. Odette, in particular, stands...
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I love this movie.
I really like the plot that how the Sisters come to their Willow city and was refreshing their memories this thing filled tears in my eyes whenever I go to my cousins I do all those things hanging out with my childhood close cousin,Eating my پسندیدہ dishes going to my old memorial places.The plot is very interesting how the villains tried to steal the treasure and how the sisters with the cute puppies got the way..The plot is solid with no mistakes and has a bundle of morals in it..This is the movie I was waiting of from many months.
Barbie's character is really...
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