Barbie فلمیں پسندیدہ Hairstyle?

Pick one:
Curly Half-way up without bangs (Clara and Annika)
Braided (Rapunzel)
Many Braids (Rapunzel)
Straight Half-way up without bangs (Clara and Odette)
All Up (Odette, Annika, Genevieve, and Corinne)
Curly Half-way up with Bangs (Anneliese, Genevieve, and Rosella)
ٹٹو tail without bangs (Barbie Rapunzel, Barbie Odette, and Hadley)
ٹٹو tail with bangs (Barbie Thumbelina and Stacie)
Half-way up with braid and bangs (Erika)
Straight half-way up with bangs (Annika, Fallon, and Courtney)
Half Braided and Ribbon (Genevieve and Rosella)
Hair Bun without Bangs (Elina)
Hair Bun with bangs (Mariposa)
Loose Braid (Rosella)
Half Braid With Bun (Liana)
All Down (Barbie Diamond قلعہ and Elina)
Sleeping Style (Alexa)
Two Ponytails (Teresa)
Short Curl with Little Bun (Eden Starling)
Two Curls (Catherine Beadnell)
Hair Bun without Bangs (Barbie Nutcracker)
Double Buns (Ashlyn)
Bun and Ponytail (Marie)
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