Better Call Saul Last One Standing (Character Game)

omfg posted on Apr 05, 2015 at 07:09PM
Instructions: Each character starts off with 5 points, you pick your favorite and least favorite character off the list of people left and you give the character you like most 1 point and you take a point away from the character you like least. The last character left wins.

Rules: You can not go more than one time in a row unless its been 24 hours since you last went and try not to pick the same 2 characters over and over. Once a character has 0 more points please take that character off the list.

5 Jimmy
5 Mike
5 Kim
5 Howard
5 Chuck
5 Betsy
5 Craig
5 Stacey (Mike's daughter-in-law)

enjoy! :)

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