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So this is just basically a guide یا reference to which Zanpakuto's true form goes with which Shinigami.

I hope you're all enjoying the Zanpakutu fillers as much as I am^^

Zangestu and Kurosaki Ichigo

Muramasa and ???

Ashisogi Jizo and Kurotsuchi Mayuri

Gegetsuburi and Omaeda Marechiyo

Haineko and Matsumoto Rangiku

Hozukimaru and Madarame Ikkaku

Hyorinmaru and Hitsugaya Toshiro

Itegumo and Kotetsu Isane

Katen Kyokotsu and Kyoraku Shunsui

Kazeshini and Hisagi Shuhei

Minazuki and Unohana Retsu

Ruriiro Kujaku and Ayasegawa Yumichika
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folded wings
Are just tired from the pure blue
You don't have to force your
smiles for anyone
It's okay to smile...for yourself.
Hearing your sweet voice didn't
always hurt
It's too late to block it from the
I want to take back our time, but
luck and karma are against me
There are no words, but your eyes
can't hide what آپ want to say
I don't even know anymore
Try to bury it deep down, okay?
We don't need that sky if we're free
to swim
Even if آپ won't talk about
I'll still be there to meet you
Your fragile, folded wings
Are just tired from the pure blue
You don't have...
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posted by Fitch
Some facts about each of the Bleach Vice Captains

Sasakibe Chōjirō Tadaoki (Deceased)
Division: 1st Division
Birthday: November 4
Height: 5'9½"
Weight: 146 lbs
Zanpakutō: Gonryōmaru "Solemn Spirite"
Shikai Release Command: Ugate "Bite"
Bankai: Kōkō Gonryō Rikyū Glittering Yellow Shrine of the Solemn Spirit
Hobby: Cultivating black tea
Special skill: Fencing
Food Likes: Western food
Food Dislikes: Japanese food
How he spent his days off: Trying to embrace Western culture

Ōmaeda Nikkōtarōemon Yoshiayamenosuke Marechiyo
Division: 2nd Division
Birthday: May 5
Height: 6'10½"
Weight: 332 lbs...
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 Azashiro Kenpachi
Azashiro Kenpachi
Kenpachi Azashiro (アザ史郎 剣八, lit. Azashiro Kenpachi), formerly called Sōya Azashiro (アザ志郎宗谷, lit. Azashiro Sōya), is the former 8th Kenpachi of the Gotei 13 and the گزشتہ captain of the 11th Division. In order to gain the عنوان of Kenpachi, he slayed the گزشتہ one, Kenpachi Kuruyashiki, with his Bankai. He gain this عنوان for unclear reasons. It's also known that he started a rebellion within the Soul Society and was taken down سے طرف کی the Royal Guard. Since then, he was sentenced to Mūken, the lowest prison level within the Soul Society and his عنوان دیا to his...
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posted by sunshinedany
Bleach Characters Birthday List

Shihouin Yoruichi [1], Ikkanzaka Jiroubou [8], Jidanbou [10] , Kuchiki Rukia [14], Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni [21], Loly Aivirrne [27], Kuchiki Byakuya [31]
Yadoumaru Risa [3], Soi Fong [11], Kusajishi Yachiru [12], Cirucci Sanderwicci [27], Iemura Yasochika [29]
Ishida Ryuuken [14], Ootoribashi Roujurou [17], Ishida Souken [22], Don Kanonji [23], Kira Izuru [27] , Kurotsuchi Mayuri & Kurotsuchi Nemu [30]
Asano Keigo, Yamada Hanatarou, Kuna Mashiro [1], Asano Mizuho [2], Yammy Llargo [3], Hanakari Jinta [4], Sado Yasutora...
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Ashido Kano is a character liked سے طرف کی many of us. When he stayed behind in the Menos Forest, even Rukia was saddened to leave him behind. There is alot of development possible for him. He hasn't shown a shikai nor a bankai while still being able to kill several Gillians and a Adjuchas hollow سے طرف کی his self, leading many to سوال just how powerful this Shinigami is. Will we ever see him again? The manga series is now taking place in Hueco Mundo in the manga. It's finally the chance for Ashido to make his long awaited return. It's all in Tite Kubo's hands. What do آپ think? Will Ashido finally make his long awaited return, یا have we seen the last of the sole surving Soul Reaper?
posted by r260897
"We stand in awe before that which can not be seen... And we respect, with every fiber, that which can not be explained."- Rukia, (And so fell the sword of fate...) opening words of Bleach
"You nuts?! What kind of sick twisted freak attacks his own son while he laying there sleeping?!"-Ichigo, Bleach
"Isn't she awfully happy for someone visiting a grave?"-Karin, Bleach
(yelling at her pager on the ground) "Urahara! Why don't آپ ever pick up when I call آپ in emergencies like this? آپ call yourself a business man! Then why do آپ دکھائیں up when you're not wanted, and then when I really need you,...
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 Coyote Starrk
Coyote Starrk
Every Winter morning I think of you,
Missing the fuffilment of the icy black hole, that once آپ used to be my heart.
Every Snowflake that falls from the frosted heavens reminds me of those sweet and special moments I spent with you.
My body aches for your warm, but icy embrace
My eyes yearn to see your smilling face
And now my دل now sucocmbs to the icy icy pit of loneliness.
Now every step I take, leaves behind a trail of frost and ice. Marking my lonesome presence.
For I wish for one دن I can be with آپ again my love,
just to inhale your calming scent,
to be wrapped in your arms,
To be warm again....
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There are many conversations one comes across on the net. Some Bleach شائقین may have come across a فورم thread یا two discussing how Kurosaki Ichigo is a Gary Stu یا that Inoue Orihime is a Mary Sue. If it wasn't for them یا another Bleach character, they may have heard it in connection to another character they like from another fandom. The conversation in the فورم may have made people think that the term Mary Sue is a derogatory term used for a character that people don't like, یا they think that the term is sexist for various reasons, یا they may have any number of misconceptions when it...
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posted by unohana
You've been drawing Bleach
since 2001, seven years now.
Has it changed dramatically
from what آپ thought this
story would be when آپ first
started drawing it?
Tite Kubo: At first, I didn't plan that
there would be Taicho, the head
Captain of the Soul Society. The
captains, they didn't exist at first.
Q: What comes first? the
characters, یا the story's plot?
Tite Kubo: (emphatically) Characters
Q: Bleach has so many
characters with so many
different powers, weapons,
personalities and
relationships! How do آپ come
up with them?
Tite Kubo:...
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ارے guys its me Ichi-nii yet again, Ive been thinking alot about this lately and would like to know what u guys think about it too. I'm a VERY big Yoruichi and Ichigo fan,and Ive always wonderd what it would be like if the story was actually written so that they end up together. I know alot of u wont agree with it, but I still think that would've been interesting to see on how it would play out. I know that it will NEVER happen,but if did how do u guys think it work out. Ofcourse Yoruichi is older than ichigo, but he accomplised so much in such a short span of time. I do think that Yoruichi finds Ichigo atrractive cuz she always teases him about being so "innocent" when eva shes naked around him. In any case I would like to know what u think and give ur opinions about the whole topic. I personally would like to see it happen.
 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: TAE-SAN
Composed by: IKASU
Arranged by: ORESKABAND

Credit: link


Manikyua nutta gohon yubi wo kikazatta
Soshite kagayaita no wa nanto jibun jishin datta
Kannou to wa kingyo no آپ mata sore wo
Koe totorou kaeranai oto nado nai

Nobiteiku heikousen tonari wa kurikaeshi
Bikasare rekka sareru rashii
Kagi no kakatta sono saki no ashimoto ni
Hirogatte iku kyori wa te de tsunageru soshite kyou mo

Kimi no wake no wakannai yokomoji wo
Hidari de nankai mo nazotteru

Ah me ga aita shunkan no sono hito wa
Nee kimi no tsume nani iro ni someru no

Atatakai to te sabite shimatta آپ da
Dare no mizu...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Credit: link


Maketaku naishi!
Nakitaku naishi!
Warattetai kara!
Maketaku naishi!
Nakitaku naishi!
Warattetai kara!

Itsumo doori utata ne gorori
Manga bakari parapara mekuri
Zayuu no mei Funny&Easy
Kiraku ni ikitai
“Tabi wa michi dure yo wa nasake”
Taiyou no shita de smilin’ everyday
Hito ni yasashiku jibun ni mo yasashiku

Demo yaru tokya yaru no yo
(Honto desu ka?)
Sore ja ore ni tsuiteki na yo
(Shinjite iin desu ka?)
Shinjiru mo nani mo yatte minakya wakara nai
Mushiro shinjitai minna de waraitai ja nai?
Jinsei ikkai shoubu shitai
Ugoki dasa nakya hajiman nai!

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Ashido lazed about for a moment - considering what he had been through since the uproar of Ichigo and Rukia and their friends, he had not been disappointed. They probably assumed he was dead - he couldn't blame them, he would have thought the same thing, had he been in their shoes. Still, that Ichigo worried him - he could sense a dark power hidden within the Shinigami - one that reminded him of the reiatsu he had sensed from the مزید powerful Hollows, if آپ could call them that, outside of the Menos Forest. Still, it made no difference now. From what he could tell, all of the foreign Hollow...
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 'Can't fear your own world'
'Can't fear your own world'
"This مضمون Contains Spoilers Took Place After bleach manga Left Off "

With four out of the seven previews out, I thought it may be time to gather all the scattered information together into one post.
First off, I would like to thank Missstormcaller, u/schneizel and LoN for providing translations and summaries and u/hypnodarkrai for providing the chapters. Without them we probably would have to rely on inaccurate summaries for years, like it was the case with Spirits are forever with you, which surprisingly turned out to be a well written book.
But now, without further ado, let's start with...
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posted by Sasunaru120

1. Manly because the first time we saw Ichigo he was kicking some dude in the face. I thought that was awesome. Ichigo is AWESOME!

2. i love bleach because of the first time i saw it i liked it. سے طرف کی the time ichigo fought menos grande i loved it. سے طرف کی the time rukia got kidnapped and i saw the byakuya and renji i was ecstatic. سے طرف کی the time they introduced all the captains i got hoocked. سے طرف کی the time ichigo got his bankai and hollow ichigo emarged i was gratified سے طرف کی the time ikkaku revealed...
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 Single cover
Single cover
Lyrics by: Diggy-MO'
Composed by: Diggy-MO', JUNKOO
Arranged by: Diggy-MO', JUNKOO

Credit: link


What should I do?
naze ni isogiashi no yume oibito
demo sono mama sa kitto
I gotta go, slap my leather جیکٹ on
sassou to ikeru hazu sa hikari kazaru Venus city ude ni

forgive me
arinomama no ore bakarashikatta to shite mo
kono mama sa zutto
let me go knowin' now the pressure is on
katarenai omoi ga aru

amata no hoshitachi yo
omae no sono kokoro koso ga sekai no subete da ze
wasurezu ni iro

SCREAM SCREAM netsujou sakebu VOICE
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 Single cover
Single cover


love آپ hajimete atta no wa mushaburi no ame datta ne
kimi wa ame no naka de mou wakaru naiteita

love آپ sabishii kokoro wa kitsusou ugoki wa attate
Boku wa kimi no ichibyou boku o ki ni shiteiru yo

Kimi ga namida o nagasu kanashimi wa wakura kara
Boku wa soba ni itain da kimi no namida o subete uketomeru

kimi nokoto mamoru yo boku wa kimi wo kurushi meru subete nokotokara
hokani nanimodekinakunattemo bokuwa kamawanai
kanpeki niwa dekina ikeredo demo zettai kun wo shiawase nisuruyo
bokuwa chikau yodonna toki demo kimi wo mamoru kara

love آپ hajimete kii ta kotoba wa naka naidedattane...
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Under that mysterious hat,

Lies a man,

Whose دل is bigger than his stomach.

Whose hair shines in the sunlight.

Whose eyes burn deep into your skin.

He is the former captain of Squad 12,

And my lover.

He is Kisuke Urahara.
ENGLISH version
I won't be bent, and I
won't be dragged along.
I want to stay honest to how I feel
No matter how many times I'm
I will embrace my sadness,
as I run.
I was sad when آپ betrayed me,
but آپ couldn't catch me; I'm
right here.
It's not enough, and there's no end
to it.
Try distorting me even more.
(INFEST) This is such a crazy world,
sometimes it makes me lose sight
of who I am.
Do آپ want to leave the
traditional ways?
Just don't make that decision for
I'm going down my own path.
Just standing around, waiting,
never putting stuff into motion.
I won't be bent, and...
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